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I like looking at travel/food blog posts.  I get a little boost, a little vicarious relaxation.

Maybe it’s the cold, rainy, icy weather we’ve been having lately, but I’ve been craving some go time, the kind of meandering that starts with a leisurely cup of (fancy) coffee and goes . . . wherever.

Fancy coffee always makes me feel like I’m on vacation.

Add in a great view and I’m set





Do you have any plans to travel soon?  Where would you go if you could go anywhere right now?  Would you eat seafood cake?

Have a great week!

72 thoughts on “Around the World in Eighty Seconds: Where Would You Go?

  1. Laurel Garver

    Hmm… so many places I’d love to see. A cozy cabin in the snowy mountains near a good sledding hill sounds great right now. We’ve had no real winter to speak of in Philly, and I am strangely hankering for a day of snow angels, snowmen and cocoa by the fireside.

    Chicago’s park reminds me a lot of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. A fun place to hang out on a nice spring day.

  2. Emily R. King

    I’m going to Hawaii in 9 weeks and I’m so excited! I’ve never been. We’ll be there for 11 days. I’m going to soak up some sun, baby!

    BTW, your pictures are fabulous. If I didn’t already have a tripped plan, I’d be inspired to book one!

  3. Catherine Johnson

    Love those pics! Funny you shoud mention travel. I have been to some amazing places and I feel like getting my photos out and sharing some experiences on my blog. It’s awesome to feel like you’ve been somewhere without actually going, though I may be going out to the cafe after seeing all that nice coffee lol :0)

  4. Jennifer Jensen (@jenjensen2)

    Ooh, lovely pictures and thoughts. I’d definitely try the seafood cake, especially on a cruise. A warm cruise! First travel choice would be back to Ireland, but would also love a decent-length visit to France. And would love to go camping high in the Oregon Cascades, in some secluded spot that my forester-brother knows. Other dreams? Hawaii, some place in Central America, and a Caribbean cruise.

  5. Pat O'Dea Rosen

    Usually, at the start of a new year, I have ideas and am making plans, but not this time around. Last year’s two-week vacation in France was close to perfect, and, in spirit, I’m still there. Seriously, I’m still there.

    Loved your pictures! (My mind’s still in France, though.)

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I almost posted my photo of the Eiffel tower today. Somehow it seemed too majestic for this quirky post. So it makes sense that you are still in France Pat. 😉

  6. Emily

    I was just looking at pictures of New Zealand and Iceland that were so beautiful. Maybe a trip to one of those! Closer to home I would probably pick Florida….for the warmth!

  7. Jennette Marie Powell

    Your photos are gorgeous!

    A friend of my husband’s and mine is thinking of getting married in Hawaii – we’d love to go, but not sure we can swing it with a kid going into college! So chances are, my travel will be virtual for the most part.

    Is the “icing” on the seafood cake traditional, sweet icing, or something like cream cheese/ranch? If the latter, that would be good!

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I did not eat any of that cake. But I do know it was of the savory variety. I’m sure it was a seafood lover’s delight. lol
      I hear you about the vacation vs college thing. We want to go to Alaska for our 20th this year. We’ll see!

  8. tomwisk

    Travel is enriching. In my case aromas can transport me to places where they were first encountered, hell I was a cook. On that point truffle mac and cheese has just movbed to the top of the list of meals that are nagging at that part of the brain that makes life worth looking forward to. Now to find truffles.

  9. Kristy K. James

    Love the pictures, Coleen! Would I eat seafood cake? Probably not, but it sure is cute. 🙂

    If I could go anywhere right now, where would it be? Unlike most people, I’ve never had any great desire to travel far from home. First, I feel like spending hours, or days, traveling to get to a destination is time wasted that I can’t get back. And second, Michigan is such a cool state that I’d rather spend that time exploring it.

    I mean seriously…we have lakes so huge that ships sale on them (and have sunk), we have sand dunes, forests, islands, mountains (in the Upper Peninsula)…and even tropical weather in the summer. 🙂

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I agree. There is SO much to explore near home. I used to live in Michigan. So many cool experiences, from driving out on frozen lake Michigan to vacationing in the dunes near a lighthouse. 🙂

  10. Adriana

    I don’t think I’m adventurous enough to eat seafood cake. That fancy coffee looks good though even if I don’t lie coffee.
    I f I could go anywhere I would got to Texas or Ireland or London or Australia. Maybe not Australia. I don’t need a ginat spider attacking me 😛

  11. Patricia Tilton

    Lovely and inviting photos. Makes me want to travel — but to some place warm right now. Will head to NYC for the SCBWI conference next week and that will be fun, but not a vacation. Would love to travel through Europe — just dreaming.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Enjoy the conference Patricia! I went to that one a couple of years ago. They always have such great speakers. 🙂
      And yes, warm would be good right about now!

  12. Tameri Etherton

    What a fabulous little vacay you took me on! You’ve been everywhere ~ sheesh. I need to travel with you since you seem to find the most fun places and out of the way little nooks of awesomeness.

    If I could travel anywhere right now? It would probably be to San Francisco to see my Baby Girl. It’s been three weeks since I saw her and I miss her. Then I’d jet us off to Greece for some sunshine. We have sun in SoCal, but it’s cold. I’m hoping Greece is warm this time of year. 🙂

  13. Peggy Eddleman

    I love food and travel pics, too! And those are some really great ones.

    Normally I don’t get many opportunities to travel, but this year my hubby and I are going to NY in the spring, and me, my hubby, and my kids are going to Scotland and San Diego during the spring. As excited as I am, it also makes me extremely nervous.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      New York is always fun–always so many different things to do. I’d love to see Scotland one day. I used to have a minor obsession over the Loch Ness monster when I was a kid. 🙂

  14. Kassandra Lamb

    No money in our budget for a big trip this year so thank you for the lovely vicarious tour, Coleen. I particularly loved the sculpture of the typewriter eraser. Yes, I am old enough to remember them well.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Your welcome Kassandra! You are the first to mention the eraser. Was wondering if anyone would mention it. My teenagers had no clue what it was . . . so weird!

  15. Jess Witkins

    So many things to love in this post! I just got a subscription to a travel mag and I can’t wait! I love the Travel Channel on TV, big fan of Anthony Bourdain and his books. I’m sad Samantha Brown isn’t on anymore.

    From your lovely pictures, I adore the name of that pastry shop! I’ve been to Navy Pier, but that’s the only spot. If you feel like sharing your mac and cheese, I’ll gladly grab a fork! *drooling*

    If I could anywhere right now…I’d love to go to Peru! I want to see Machu Picchu before it deteriorates too badly. I heard all the tourism is starting to wear on the ruins. 🙁

  16. Susanna Leonard Hill

    Wow! First off, I feel like I’ve just been on a little vacation looking at all those pictures – thank you! Second, did you take them all? Have you been all those places? Very cool! Third, I would not eat seafood cake. Sorry. Just no. As for actually going on vacation, I’m pretty much of a homebody. But I do think it would be fun to go on one of those walking tours of the Cottwolds or something like that 🙂

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      My hub and I took those pics. And believe me, if we ever have a blogger/writer friend party there will be NO seafood cake.
      Ok just googled cotswold, So my cup of tea–would go there in a heartbeat!

  17. August McLaughlin

    Ack! That seafood cake scares me. 😉 Dip in chocolate, then maybe…

    I’d love to be someplace warm and peaceful near the ocean right now with nothing to do but read, write and strum my guitar. Meanwhile, someone far off would take care of all grownup responsibilities and friends, including you, would join me for dinner parties in the evening… Okay, packing NOW. 😉

  18. Alarna Rose Gray

    Oh, no seafood cake for me :/ But I’ve just booked a holiday to Bali in April – only my second venture off this island, so I’m looking forward to that! Love the fanciful romp around the world just then, Coleen. Thank you 🙂

  19. Karen McFarland

    Okay, seriously, there is just something wrong with that cake. lol. Loved the pics Coleen. Now I’m hungry and I want to go somewhere. Thanks a lot. No really. Thanks for the mini vaca Coleen! 🙂

  20. Julie Glover

    As a matter of fact, I just returned from a weekend trip to Las Vegas with my husband. I hadn’t been there before. The architecture was amazing. I wish I had your photography skills! I just snapped phone photos. Beautiful pics, Coleen.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Thank you Julie. Isn’t Vegas like another little world? I’ve been twice and both times it felt like being in a tiny, fantastical snow globe city. 🙂

  21. Serena Dracis

    I love to travel! Only been to the U.K. and Greece so far but, I have this incredible desire to see all the ancient cities I’ve read so much about: Egypt, Peru, India, Africa, Antarctica…and on, and on. Cool post, Coleen! Loved all the pictures.

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Greece is on my list! I like the ancient cities too. We went to Akko last summer (Israel) and it stunning to consider the age and history of that city!

  22. Debra Kristi

    You have some amazing pictures. I’ve always wanted to visit Pompeii. Beyond that, there are so many places abroad. We just took our family vacation so we don’t have any plans set at this time. I may spend the budget on writers’ conventions. LOL.

  23. 4amWriter

    Fun trip, thanks Coleen! I haven’t been to some of those places but I love the pics you used as I suddenly got a sense of place through them. No, I don’t think I’d eat seafood cake. 🙂

  24. claywatkins

    we are making plans for spring break and heading for the Florida Keys – it is tropical and warm… enough to keep the kids happy and enough for the big kids (mom and dad) relaxed and restored…..I dream of another visit to France and exploring the countryside and maybe heading into Belgium….- spmeday

  25. susielindau

    What a fabulous trip! Thanks for taking me along Coleen! Love all of your photos! We have a plane ticket to use before Feb. 15th and are trying to come up with a place to go for a long weekend. So far we are thinking Lake Tahoe to do some skiing. The snow is pretty thin here….

  26. Leigh Covington

    These pictures are amazing. I love to travel, but definitely don’t do it enough. If I could make enough money writing to travel a bit, I’d be totally satisfied!

  27. Born Bookish

    So many cool pictures! It looks like you’ve traveled to some really awesome places!

    Now to answer your questions…1) No plans to travels soon but I just came back from London two weeks ago, it was my first trip out of the country and it was incredible! 2) If I could go anywhere right now I’d go to Australia. 3) You couldn’t pay me to eat seafood cake!

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      I bet London was amazing! It’s definitely on my places to go list. 🙂 And you couldn’t pay me to eat that cake either. I don’t even like referring to it as a cake!

  28. Chris Edgar

    Those Irish cows almost look to me like they’re wearing extra leggings for that bushy-legged look that’s hip among the bovine types. Are these your photos? If so, it sounds like that whole-world exploration goal you’re talking about is within your grasp.

  29. Inion N. Mathair

    Beautiful pictures and great post Coleen as usual. Coarse anyone get’s an A+ when it makes us dream…which is what you did with this one. Inion N. Mathair will have to give two answers as Inion’s response is most definitely Ireland. A dream of hers for quite some time. My answer however would be Switzerland. Perhaps we’ll meet somewhere in the middle. lol

    1. Coleen Patrick Post author

      Thanks! It’s always fun to do the “where would you go, what would you do” dream posts. Switzerland looks so pretty in photos–I imagine it would make for an amazing trip.

  30. Stacy S. Jensen

    Hmm. I’m going to say no on the seafood cake, but may change my mind in 2014 during the family cruise trip. 🙂 I do love to travel and try new things. I’m not so sure about that ….

  31. Anonymous

    Wow ! Lovely pictures captured by you. I am going to Chicago after one month and I am very excited.

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