cornucopia doodle thanksgiving_opt

A cornucopia of doodles

Thanksgiving pies_opt

a trio of pies: aka the Pie-fecta

turkey doodle eat more pie name_opt

and some turkey humor.


With love and tons of gratitude,

27 thoughts on “A Cornucopia of Doodles and A Trio of Pies

  1. Name

    Those pies look HEAvenly! And love your doodles! So dainty and detailed and elegant with pattern and texture 😀 😀 😀 Happy Thanksgiving, Coleen!

  2. Julia

    Impressive doodles. Even more impressive pies. Are there such things as pie exchanges, like the cookie exchanges for winter holidays? My pumpkin pie crust is curling in on itself. Will have to serve wine so the pie eaters don’t notice. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  4. clay

    I love your doodles – they look fun and full of energy. I am full of gratitude this Thanksgiving and I’m glad our paths have crossed. Have a wonderful week with your family. Happy Thanksgiving (a day late).

  5. kath unsworth

    Coleen I hope you had a great day, I was wondering about the cornucopia. Loved your doodle and recently saw a real one made out of plaited bread holding fruits. Is it a part of the Thanksgiving tradition? Being from Australia I don’t know much about your holiday.

    1. Coleen Patrick

      Good question, Kath! The cornucopia has been a symbol of thanksgiving for as long as I remember. In school we made crafts and colored pictures of them around the holidays. It is a symbol of harvest and abundance, which then in my opinion ties in with gratitude. 🙂

  6. Matt

    If I can doodle like that… wait, I’ve seen that fruit before. They’re the ones that give you some great power, right? –Love your doodles.

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