The (Hefty) Possibility of Summer

One of my favorite summer memories involves a garbage bag.

Classic summer, right? 😉

Okay so maybe not. But if you will, picture two large plastic bags on the grass, with a green garden hose coiled nearby.

And these two trouble makers problem solvers pursuers of possibility (who did not live near a pool at the time)

Summer memory fun

My sister B and me, Lake Michigan 

Then add water. Up to our chins. Until we are blowing bubbles across the surface of our

non-Olympic regulation size Hefty pools.

And we’re grinning.

Because we really, really wanted to go swimming.

And so we found a way. Mostly. Even if that meant we gripped the edges of our bags

to keep our personal pools intact.

Ah, summer and possibility. They go together like garbage bags and swimming.

Even now I feel there’s something about the sun popping up early and sticking around way after dinner that promotes more adventure.

two hummingbirds bird feeder“Hey, you wanna go swimming?” 

But this summer I keep thinking, do it for the process

Because it’s nice to swim (whatever your pool may be)

and blow bubbles on the surface

or go for a hike, or take photos of hummingbirds in your backyard

or write a story, draw a picture

just because

happy monday cute illustration girl

Sure I’m mostly still a problem solving, direction oriented, check off the box on my to do list kind of person…

Coleen Patrick illustration greeting cards Etsy Shop

Here are some of my drawings turned greeting cards in my new Etsy Shop

…but it’s really nice to let summer take over for a bit.

Do you have a favorite summer memory?

Happy Monday!


24 thoughts on “The (Hefty) Possibility of Summer

  1. I love the imaginative things that kids think of. Bet that water was really cold. Throwing hard balls, or a Frisbee with my Dad in the summer evenings. Climbing to the top of the backyard cherry tree and singing made up songs or reading a book — and eating cherries off the tree.

    Great artwork. I know you are an excellent photographer, but I didn’t realize what an accomplished artist you are!


  2. There’s nothing like summer when you’re a kid, that’s for sure 🙂 And my favorite summer memory is actually a combined memory—all the days we spent at a place called Requa Lake in Spring Valley, N.Y. It was a swim “club,” I guess you called it, with everything from the large lake-like pool, ping pong, a pavillion with a jukebox, tons of picnic tables under trees, baseball fields (well, not well-kept). Just everything for Sundays filled with family fun. It’s no longer there. They leveled it to make a townhouse community.


  3. We did have a swimming pool in our backyard–so my favorite summer memory is spending all day in my suit, playing in the pool with my sister!

    I love your cards, and such a good idea to start an Etsy shop with your creations! Good luck!


    1. Thank you, Kate! Ah, backyard pool with your sister–great memories, I’m sure. When we lived in New Orleans, we had a neighborhood pool and during the summers I was in my swimsuit morning to night!


  4. Coleen – the past several years I’ve enjoyed watching my kids grow up and play at the lake in Michigan, but growing up it was the trip to Saudi Arabia after my parent’s divorce. My brothers and I – three boys separated by 18 months – what was my mom thinking? Summer in Saudi Arabia was so darned hot – the sidewalk fried our bare feet, so we swam in pool for hours and played pool in the community room with a couple of girls who were visiting Saudi Arabia from Los Angeles. I remember going shopping with my step-mother and we needed a driver to take us because women couldn’t drive. Saudi Arabia was a strange place. Summer was exhilarating and exhausting. We’d spend time as a family at the pool in the evenings when my dad came home from work. We slept well at night and dreamed the dreams of summer. Summer goes so quickly, seemingly, it’s gone in an instant. I hope your summer has been amazing. Love reading your posts. Happy Monday, or Happy Tuesday because that’s where I am today – enjoy your week.


  5. And they say necessity is the mother of invention. Check out the cleverness of you two sisters. I am truly impressed. I would never have thought of a Hefty pool. Love, love, love those cards Coleen. You are so talented. And since I’m late, Happy Tuesday/Wednesday to you!! 🙂


  6. I love your pool idea! You and I would have been besties if we would have grown up in the same neighborhood.
    Love your cards! I’ll check out your shop1


  7. That’s a great idea! I can’t believe we never tried that while living in Michigan (but too far away from any lakes). We did try to construct slip and slide type things with garbage bags and a hose and that was fun too. I’ve missed you and your artwork. I hope everything’s going well with you!


    1. We tried the slip and slide construction once too, but with less success-hahaha! I’m recalling a big tangle of wet plastic. 😉
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind words–much appreciated!


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