Happy Halloween from the Dolls in My Attic

In general, I’m not afraid of dolls.

But they do have the potential to be super creepy.

scary stuff the doll

I loved (but also kinda hated) this book in middle school.

And a recent trip to the flea market reminded me that I wouldn’t want to spend the night in a flea market.

creepy doll flea market

She’s for sale! I dare you to take her home.

antique doll

Now she looks sweet.

Still not having a slumber party here though.

Happy doll flea market

Sure she’s smiling but all I can hear is a line from the Twilight Zone episode, Living Doll.

“My Name is Talky Tina, and you’d better be nice to me.”

scary doll head flea market


doll selfie

A doll selfie. 

She was in my attic.

Apparently I have unknowingly been sleeping in a house full of dolls.

aging doll atticNot so scary. She’s tiny and I could outrun her.

Especially because she’d probably have to stop to pick up her hat.

And her hair. 

creepy dolls attic

But they’ve got their eyes on me.

old doll grandma attic

So I’ll sleep with one eye open,

probably wondering where her other arm went…

but mostly trying not to imagine it stuck in a giant spider web.

If dolls don’t make you shudder, what creeps you out? I’d love to know! 

Happy Halloween!





36 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from the Dolls in My Attic

  1. My brother use to come in my room and move my dolls around. He tried to convince me they were really real. It was a little creepy at first, but once I was wise to him it did not bother me anymore. The one thing that really, really creeps me out is clowns – nope cannot do clowns or clown dolls!


  2. Oh yes, dolls can be creepy, and you’ve found some good ones. You’re right, an overnight with them could get a bit dicey. There’s a new movie coming out called “The Doll,” where an American nanny goes to work for a British couple to take care of their son. Unfortunately, their son turns out to be a doll. Looks nice and creepy!


  3. I have seen some pretty creep dolls as well. I may have even had one or two in my lifetime. Old dolls are especially strange.

    That said, I have a doll collection, but most of them are very pretty.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  4. Heidi doll on the bottom is on your side. Keep her close. Has defense potential. Want to know if anyone buys that realistic woman mask and actually wears it. Cheers and happy Hallowe’en.


  5. I once caught a movie clip about a possessed doll, but didn’t watch the movie. But, I have always loved beautiful dolls. I had a friend whose mother collected hundreds of dolls — they were all over the house and even in cases. They were everywhere. I will admit that when I stayed over night at her house that night, it did feel very uneasy for strange reason. I finally understood why my beautiful friend was dragged off to beauty pageants, did a lot of modeling, was a cheerleader, ballerina etc. Her mother treated her like a doll. Never stayed overnight again.


  6. I never had a problem with dolls when I was a kid, but there was one I remember — she only had eyes on her face, small black eyes. No iris, no lashes, just black circles. The rest of her face wasn’t painted on. I ended up using a marker to draw in a smile, and I still wasn’t happy with her, so I cut off all her hair and threw her at the bottom of our costume trunk. Something about that doll really bothered me.

    Your pictures take the cake in creepiness. Nice job!


  7. Dolls have a definite creep factor. Mathair and I watched Annabelle and I couldn’t sleep afterwards. LOL But, if we’re talking hardcore creepy; Mathair has a huge phobia of snakes while I have the incredibly embarassing and irrational fear of 1920’s songs. More specifically, “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” makes me grab my ears and run through the house screaming like a little girl. hahaha


  8. Yes, those dolls are very creepy! I hope you didn’t get nightmares after doing this post. Those photos made me laugh because we have some dolls like that hanging around our house. I have no idea why. Clowns can be creepy too but after seeing those photos, I’m thinking dolls win.


  9. Oh dear — Brad Dourif could convincingly do the voice for all of those dolls (he plays Chucky in Child’s Play, for anyone who doesn’t share my lurid fascination with horror flicks). “Dark Forces” — was that a Choose Your Own Adventure-type thing? Now I don’t feel so nerdy. 🙂


    1. Dark Forces was about the same time as Choose Your Own Adventure. It was a series featuring supernatural mishaps with high school kids. A tried and true story line! Haha.


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