The Cheesy Finish to My Summer Road Trip and a Bit of Greige

Hey all!
Um, please excuse the paint.

Greige paint

Nine shades of greige

We’re sort of swimming in a sea of greige right now.

According to our realtor (and more importantly, Pinterest), greige is the BEST paint color to sell your house. So we’re awash in neutral.

Anyway, back to where I left off weeks ago. Which was that pretty cool Pacific Northwest road trip we took in early June. For weeks I’ve been blogging in my head about it (and other topics my mind would like to figure out, like how I might sell dust bunny crafts on Etsy, bc I’ve found OODLES of dust bunnies behind bookcases my friends), but as cool as you all are you probably can’t read my mind (this is a good thing, it’s dusty in there).

So without further ado, here’s the last bit of our trip.

Oregon Coast highway

The Oregon coast highway 101

The BEST part of this day was waking up knowing that the only thing on our agenda was getting from point A to point B, with miles of awesome stops and discovery along the way.

oregon beach sand monster

Sea monster on the beach…or driftwood?

oregon coast views

The views on the other side of the road were spectacular too.

netarts bay oregon oysters

Netarts Bay. Loads of clams and crabs. And muck.Β 

Dear mystery couple in the muck,

I’m sorry for taking your picture.

And for being entertained by you.

And for using you as entertainment here.

That’s all. xo

nye beach oregon

This is Nye Beach.

It’s like a million miles to the water’s edge here, but we stopped at plenty of beaches along the way. Including one with dozens of ladybugs on the sand.

Unexpected. And pretty cool.

ladybugs at the beach oregon

Ladybugs are my jam.

tillamook cheese factory

We like factory tours. Tillamook was delightfully cheesy.

gluten free grilled cheese tillamook oregon

A Tillamook grilled cheese sandwich withΒ gluten free bread. Yay!

Have you ever found something unexpected or interesting at the beach? Or been to a factory tour?

Happy Friday!




29 thoughts on “The Cheesy Finish to My Summer Road Trip and a Bit of Greige

  1. Colleen, it’s always such a pleasure to see your pictures and here about your adventures this way πŸ™‚ I can’t say I can recall (though I’m SURE if I had a brain, I could come up with stuff) unusual finds or factory tours, though I did want to see Hershey πŸ™‚ The closest I come (and love) is “How It’s Made” πŸ˜€ And that grilled cheese sandwich looks aMAzing!


  2. Coleen lady bugs are so beautiful and a joy to see, love your pictures. The beach is my dream place, while the kids swim or climb the rocks. I dream of unwritten stories. There is a boulder on my favourite beach that looks like a sleeping dragon. Story came from that one rock. I thought your tree stump looked like a frog.


    1. Yes, it does look like a frog’s mouth. Now that you say that it’s got me thinking about one of my favorite books to read as a kid: Frog and Toad together. Kinda looks like them! Thanks, Kath. πŸ™‚


  3. Lovely pictures! I didn’t know the Tillamook Cheese Factory had gluten free bread (usually, I’m focused on the ice cream)…next time I’m there, I’m so getting one. πŸ™‚


  4. So wonderful to read about your western adventures! That cheese sandwich looks delicious. As factory tours, we did winery tours in the Napa Valley on our honeymoon years ago – but the most recent factory tour I had was at the water filtration plant in Chicago – 400 million gallons of water each day! Impressive and loud. Good luck the house sale and thanks for the note on greige.


  5. Jennette, that is so cool!

    Colleen, I was just about to come and look for you girl. lol. Yes, you were missed!

    Love the Oregon coast. Hubby and I have had the opportunity to tour that area more than once. It is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Brings back great memories. As far as the greige? As a designer, I think the middle shade palette would look fantastic. It’s a little warmer tone than the others and I don’t think you’ll get bored with it. Have fun! πŸ™‚


  6. Welcome home.

    Again, you make me kind of home sick for my own state. Favorite photo? Lady bug.

    Happy painting. You’re moving? Hope your current house sells quickly, and you move to a perfect new place.


  7. I see your Pinterest pins with the greige colors, and I am a fan too! Love that lady bug. We get them in our house, and I try to rescue them when possible (I have cats who take a keen interest in them), and put them back outside. I’m sure they’re thinking “um, excuse me, the reason I’m in your house is because it’s too cold outside!”


  8. Gorgeous pictures! I was in that area of Oregon two years ago for a friend’s weeding. We loved the Tillamook. We LOVED the ice cream there. We recently found a grocery store that sells the Tillamook ice cream. It’s yummy! Good luck with all the painting and selling πŸ™‚


  9. Greige? What the heck color is greige? Just paint everything purple and call it a day!

    One of our trips we want to take is to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in an old muscle car. Your trip looked wonderful.

    Oh, and cheese is the best! So jealous.


  10. The pics are awesome, Coleen. Living in the tourist trap known as Southwest Florida, there are many surprises you can find on the beach. None more exciting then when I was six and found a kitten. Yep, a kitten. It was a beautiful black kitten with blue eyes and I couldn’t bear leaving it there all by itself. We took the kitten home and kept it for a little while before finding it a good home given we already had three pets ourselves. I was heartbroken to give him up, but he went to live with my best friend at the time so I got to visit him often. πŸ˜‰


  11. That is certainly a brave couple wading through the insect- and crab-infested muck, but I can see how it would inspire childlike glee as well. The shot of the stairs leading down to the beach is pretty epic. I believe greige used to be the mandatory color in the neighborhood in Rye, NY I grew up in as a kid because it supposedly made every house look all colonial and puritan-like.


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