My (Almost) Summer Vacation

Warning: Vacation pictures ahead.

The hub and I just got back from a road trip (my favorite kind of trip!). We flew to Seattle and then rented a car

and drove 1700 miles in 7 days.

This is just the beginning…

flying clouds

Peaceful space above the clouds. A sharp contrast to the turbulence in my mind (I’m still a work in progress when it comes to zen and the art of flying).

Storyville coffee Seattle

Ah. Coffee. The best? Storyville Coffee at the Pike Place Market.

Note: We passed seven Starbucks (in less than one mile) to get to it.

pike place fish market Seattle

 So I’m conflicted as I post this pic seeing as I tend to post more lively photos of wildlife, 

but it is a big part of the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

And I could not stop looking at the eyes on that pink fish!
cinnamon works gluten free cookie

And now in case you need soothing, here’s a monster cookie. 

And bonus, if you need, it’s gluten-free, from Cinnamon Works.

(Another great gluten-free option at the market: Coffee & Specialty Bakery)

Salmon seattle aquarium

A more lively bunch of Salmon at the Seattle Aquarium.

Seattle aquarium

This guy was a total ham for the cameras.

mt Rainier Seattle great wheel view

Mt. Rainier as we saw it from Seattle’s Great Wheel.

piroshky seattle

This was my hub’s favorite snack. A smoked mozzarella mushroom and broccoli pie.

He enjoyed it so much he immediately got back in line to buy the sweet cinnamon cardamom braid. 🙂

Seattle pike place market urban garden

A good spot for eating your market snacks is the Urban Garden at Pike Place.

Whimsical, right?

post alley Seattle

This is a popular section of post alley at the market.

Reminded me a bit of Diagon alley from Harry Potter,

except if you look very closely at the walls

you will see

Seattle post alley gum wall choose love

Gum. Lots of it.

Some of it artistic. Some philosophical like above. #chooselove

And yes, a wee bit gross.

So hypothetically, if you were to leave your gum mark in Post Alley, what flavor would it be? 

Me? Cinnamon Trident.

Next stop: Portland, Oregon. I think. I haven’t gone through all my pics yet. But Oregon for sure will be represented!. In the meantime, it’s back to work!

Happy Tuesday!



35 thoughts on “My (Almost) Summer Vacation

  1. Love this, Colleen! The Pike Place Market reminds me of the English Market in Cork (Ireland) – I loved the fishmongers there, too. I wonder what that pink fish is?

    I was actually born on Vashon Island, long before there was a bridge. We left when I was six months old, but someday I”ll get back and tour Seattle.


    1. The islands sound cool. Someday I’d like to take a ferry or boat of the Seattle area. So much to see! And my hub asked the fish guys about the pink one–they said it’s a type of rock fish :).


  2. So happy for you, Coleen. Mathair and I have always dreamt of seeing Seattle. I love the weather and the vibrant green of the landscape as does Mathair (though she’s just as excited about it being the mecca for the Grunge movement.) haha Beautiful pics and our mouths were watering over the mozzarella, mushroom broccoli pie!


  3. Enjoyed your day and thought the wall was a beautiful mosaic until you did the big reveal and I felt a bit bleh! Gum wall would be avoided at all costs in my book. The rest of your day looked awesome Coleen.


  4. I was in Seattle a couple times last fall. I have a brother who lives near there, and it’s always a fun city to visit. Love Pike Place Market. I found a crumpet shop near there when I went and brought some home with me. Yum!


  5. Wonderful pics! I’m looking forward to the Oregon post.

    One more day and we could have visited in Lake Tahoe. Perhaps next time. (If I’m still in California.)

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. We stayed at a variety of places, including one B&B. In the city areas, like Seattle, we stayed at Courtyards bc it was more convenient and we could use their rewards program due to my husband’s business travels. 🙂


  6. Oh, Seattle! I used to go to visit my mother and step-father, who lived near Forks, WA for a while. I recognize the Pike Place Market. All those poor fish on ice (not a seafood lover at all).

    Looking forward to the Portland post!


  7. I would love to make a trip like that. You and your hubby sure get around. I’ve never been to Seattle, although I have friends there. I love the Pike Place Market. It’s so quaint and has fabulous food choices. Your photos certainly gave us a feeling for the area. Look forward to your upcoming photos.

    We were at Siesta Key for almost two weeks, and I only took a couple of photos the entire time. The condo is right on the gulf, too. My husband must have taken 20 sunsets that all looked the same because there were no clouds. 🙂


    1. While there was a lot of pink gum, I’m sure spearmint was represented. 😉
      I’ve driven across country once from LA to Virginia, but it was just to help my sister move. So I’d like to do it one day with lots of stops!


  8. Great photos, you always have the best composition and colorful whimsical photos. I love your perspective. Seattle is a place I’d live to visit – maybe someday, in time meantime I am relying on you to share your journey. I can hardly wait for Oregon and the rest of the Great Northern Route. Take care and have a great week!


  9. Wow! You are quite the photographer Coleen. Those are some amazing pics! So glad you and hubby took the opportunity to arrange this trip. That is some beautiful country in the northwest. And Mt. Rainer. Just gorgeous. Can’t wait for Oregon! 🙂


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