Attitude and Success (at the Zoo and Beyond)

According to a recent article at, the number one thing that holds people back from success is…

*half-hearted drumroll*


giraffe richmond zoo


I SO get this.

There are days I know I need to rally. I want to rally.

But then you know, you’re tired.

exhausted baby

Anyone else up for being carried around?

Or distracted. Somewhere else.

distracted or somewhere else

I’m sure you’ve seen this before.

Or felt this:

frustrated baby

You’re frustrated. You’ve lost your focus.

surprise butterfly

You need an attitude metamorphosis.

penguin richmond zoo

So get ready.Β 

Here’s some baby attitude to get you started.

A little (baby) Attitude

It’s go time.

**Thank you to the lovely creatures at the Richmond Metro Zoo, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, and the ones I’m related to (note: not the giraffe, I don’t have that graceful of a neck) for their camera ready looks.

Happy Thursday!

Any of you lovelies have a tried and true method for regaining your spunky attitudes??Β 




30 thoughts on “Attitude and Success (at the Zoo and Beyond)

  1. I think you are very graceful and you and the giraffe could be sisters separated at birth πŸ™‚ I wish I had a foolproof attitude adjustment method – I could use one about now. A good kick in the nether regions might be what I need! πŸ™‚ But YOU – you are awesome!


  2. This is great! And wow can I relate, didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m here at work being a zombie. Doesn’t help that I’m stuck on *both* projects I’m working on. Just put on headphones and some good tunes, and it’s already helping. And as always, your pics make me smile! Now off to go look up some stuff and try to figure out these software issues…


  3. I love your photojournalism – you get your POV across perfectly this way. And yes, I want to be carried often! I have to say social media helps keep me going, staying interconnected with other writerly peeps!


  4. I’m sighing. I so need an attitude adjustment. It took me 18 months to finish the first draft of my most recent manuscript. 18 months!!! What is up with that?

    What do I do, you ask, to get my spunky back? Usually just a good strong mental talking to. I have to be firm with myself. It sounds weird, but it works. Whenever I get into those funks, I just let it ride for a couple of days, then I give myself a good talking to and move on.

    I always love your photos. I wish I had your talent.

    Chin up.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks, Patricia. And I guess I do some of that mental talking to as well. But it has to be loud because I think i have a near constant stream of words in my head. I can’t seem to see an image or people without finding a way to “write” the scene in my head. LOL


  5. Love the images, especially the butterfly. Coleen my daughter had the pleasure as a wee baby girl to have a butterfly land on her hand after it came out of its chrysalis. Its wings were still wet and so it sat there fluttering for some time. No camera but have the memory stored. Attitude changes on a daily basis but I know when we strive to create there is always a negative field ready to block us. And so I push through it most days. Some are harder than others and I usually gear myself up with extra knowledge if I am struggling. I always like to be learning something new.


  6. Just looking at these pictures makes me feel a little spunkier! I love the baby attitude and have always loved the penguin attitude too.


  7. Great post, Coleen! I keep on track by having a fun second office called my friend’s house. I love the drive there with the music on. Doing something new every once in a while is good for you too.


  8. Love the giraffe. Yeah, I’ve definitely felt that way…and the sleeping baby one. I feel like that a lot. But the sunglasses have given me a great idea. Put them on, and no one will KNOW that I’m asleep anymore, right?


  9. I really enjoyed your post — especially the picture of the giraffe. That photo really shows attitude. I always love to stop here and read your posts and look at your wonderful photography. You really see through the camera lens.


  10. Boy, do I relate to the giraffe! As always, love the pictures girl. Yes, if we change our attitude, life does seem a whole lot better! Especially when at the Zoo. The animals already have it down. We can learn a lot from them. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Thursday. Or is that Friday? πŸ™‚


  11. Great photos – they always bring a smile to my face. It looks like you had a lovely day at the zoo. Attitude is everything and it holds so many of us back. Have a great week!


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