The Joy of Discovery (Chocolate Included)

I love how even the tiniest of discoveries can uplift

tiny turtle close up

Tiny turtle power. 

We discovered this little guy on the Greensprings trail in Williamsburg, VA.

And just last weekend I left the house and saw this:

cherry blossom tree

The cherry blossom trees are blooming!

It seemed like they bloomed overnight.

(Much like my kids.)

river scream

We also found Edvard Munch’s Scream in the James River. Can you see it?

Oh and he’s in this doodle too.

bird doodle sketch

Just kidding.

Here’s some chocolate.

chocolate filled strawberry

Did you know that you can put the chocolate on the inside of the strawberry?!

Oh the freedom,right?

dictionary doodle

Hey, look at me doodling on the definition of writing. 😉


I have to say I could’ve done without this discovery when I walked in the door at work last week:

dummy at work

Dummy at work.

Note: Mannequins are not a typical sight in a library office.

Hey, after this surprise, who needs coffee?

But back to a slightly lower level of adrenaline,

I got the proofs of the illustrated covers that I designed for my Chasing Normal series

illustrated covers chasing normal series

and I discovered I’m pretty excited with the way they’re turning out!


What have you discovered lately?


Happy Monday!!


41 thoughts on “The Joy of Discovery (Chocolate Included)

  1. The cover looks awesome!! I’m so glad I’m following you on Instagram so I can see your beautiful photos twice. 🙂 I thought the Munch in the water was scary enough but holy moly! That mannequin would have made me have a heart attack. LOL!


    1. Thanks, Teresa. Instagram saves me some time when it comes to photos for my posts! All I need to do is resize and add my name. And i had to pass that mannequin about 3 times before I stopped jumping!


  2. Those little things all add up to the best things – especially when you throw a turtle in there. Your book cover looks great! I’m excited for you.


  3. Hmm, not sure my comment went through! Trying again: I love your cover. I think any author who can design her own cover is pretty lucky. Too often, I find covers are so similar and ordinary. Turtles are so neat. We often find them in our backyard; they venture up from a pond behind our house. We have to be extra careful when we’re mowing the lawn!


    1. Oh, wow, that’s a job dodging those tiny turtles! We moved this one out of the bike path. Not sure he was so happy at the moment, but still.
      I’ve been excited working on the cover–although there’s been many moments of hair pulling. I’ve been learning A LOT though.
      Thanks, Kate!


  4. Coleen – lovely photos (as always) there is something special about discovery and asking the questions to learn, discover, and grow. or simply to wonder. Keep wondering and wandering, I will, too. Peace. AND, GREAT COVER!


  5. I love the doodles and the cover. Oh, and chocolate. I like that a lot too.

    What have I discovered lately? Unfortunately I’ve been too busy and stressed to notice the small and important things. Time to slow down I think.

    Have a great week, Coleen.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Here’s to you getting some happy, slowing down time. I just hit send on another round of edits so I’m looking forward to less stress in the next couple of weeks!
      Thanks, Patricia. 🙂


  6. That little turtle guy is just too cute, Coleen 🙂 I COULD see that scream! I didn’t know about chocolate stuffing strawberries (?) and your cover looks GREEEEAATTT! 😀


  7. Oh my gosh Coleen! You are so talented! I love the cover of your newest book. Love, love, love it! If I ever, and I do mean ever, (although sometimes I have my doubts) get to the point when I am ready to publish, we are having a talk girlfriend. You do amazing work! And of course there’s always chocolate. In the strawberries! Sweet!


    1. She is pretty funny. She’s moved to a spot where I can see her regularly. And what I find particularly funny now is she is supposedly dressed in a Victorian wedding gown–but her expression says, It’s time to clean the chamber pot.


  8. Now I like the idea of drinking coffee as depicted in your drawing — with actual beans floating in the cup in addition to the liquid coffee itself. It would be like drinking pearl tea. As long as the beans had soaked in the coffee for a long enough period of time, so that they wouldn’t be too hard to bite down on. There’s a rival for Starbucks in the making.


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