Miles of (Mostly) Irish Smiles


Today at the library where I work, a patron read my name tag and then asked if I’d been brought in for St. Patrick’s day.


All Coleens must pass a rigorous mascot training. It’s not enough to have the Gaelic name or the Irish heritage.

There’s tons of other factors. Other (mostly) Irish things about me that are maybe not so obvious.

St Patrick's day cupcake

Β I eatΒ St. Patty’s Day themed treats.

(Although, I also do the same for most other holidays.)

Shamrock doodle

I doodle Shamrocks.

silly mule

I make friends with mules.

Now, I don’t think Hamilton (of Meadow Farm) is actually Irish, but he’s silly and stubborn. And silly and stubborn are traits that are very dominant in my Irish family.

So… let’s call Hamilton mostly Irish.

col ronnie then and now

I married this guy. He’s not Irish either, but we met on St. Patrick’s day 25 years ago.

So again, mostly Irish (especially when you factor in that he’s also stubborn and silly).

So many factors. It’s not easy being green.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What is Irish (or mostly Irish) in your life?

Wishing you miles of smiles!


47 thoughts on “Miles of (Mostly) Irish Smiles

  1. High Irish five, fellow Coleen! I wear green, my husband was born this day (so that MUST mean something, right?), and I eat some green stuff too…as all good mascots do. πŸ™‚ Have a great St. Paddy’s Day!


  2. How fun that you met today so many years ago! My husband made Irish soda farls bread tonight to go with the Shepherd’s pie. And I’m listening to Irish music on Pandora right now…so I feel quite lucky.


  3. Fun post. Really interesting that you met your husband on St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, I have Irish blood running through my veins. My father’s family came over like so many in 1851. Have always been drawn to Celtic music and dancing. I semi-celebrate with Irish Soda Bread, corned beef and cabbage. But, I don’t do much more. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


  4. Your mule friend made me laugh – that’s quite a smile he’s got there! I used to work at an Irish pub and still like to sing some of those songs. Now I mostly celebrate with food. Happy St. Patrick’s Day (and anniversary)!


  5. I am no Irish blood at all but my MIL’s side (the Donovans) are heavily Irish, red hair and all. πŸ™‚ Her favorite dish was corne beef an cabbage.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Coleen!


  6. We typically don’t celebrate, but boy did kiddo’s preschool go all out. There was a leprechaun trap set yesterday. This morning the classroom was a fun disaster of green paint footprints, gold and shamrock stickers. My son loved it. Hope you had a wonderful day. And happy meeting your hubby day!


  7. Don’t think there’s any Irish in me, but my anniversary is in two days, so that’s my celebration. I do eat St. Patty’s Day treats, because one of my coworkers always brings fun, cute mini-cupcakes. Congrats on your special anniversary!


  8. Such a fun post, Coleen πŸ˜€ I think the last time I did anything for St. Patrick’s Day wqs dressing green in high school. And we typically have a once-a-year corned beef, cabbage and potatoes meal πŸ™‚

    And Happy Anniversary! πŸ˜€


  9. Coleen so cool that you met on St Pat’s day. We have the mad Irish side from my father his last name was English but when I went and lived in England for a spell. I was told that the English name came from Ireland. My father had a love of good music and a good beer like most Irish folk I know. Hope you had a great anniversary.


  10. My husband is mostly Irish! I just have a pinch of Irish in me, but you’d never guess that from my last name, huh? I love your doodle! So artistic! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Coleen!


  11. I didn’t get to do much celebrating today, but I did make Shamrock shakes for the kids, like I do every year. I’m a teensy bit Irish, but mostly Scottish.

    I like the new look to your blog!


  12. Well, I’m not Irish but I suppose my name is (I think Patricia is Irish anyway). I’m not opposed to the color green, I know how to Irish dance, I like corned beef and cabbage. And Guiness. And potatoes. And soda bread. And kilts.

    So, I’m going with that.

    Happy day after St. Pat’s Day!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  13. I never used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because I didn’t care for the fact that a religious figure was being commemorated by people getting drunk. Then, my mom and I ended up visiting Ireland and had the fortune of being in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day. Now, I make sure I wear green and send my mom a little gift on March 17. This was the 10th anniversary of our trip.


  14. I ate irish soda bread on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day and Key lime pie that evening. Key limes aren’t Irish, but they’re green–and tasty.

    Happy anniversary to you and your guy!

    Wish I could have seen the look on the library patron’s face when she read your name tag on March 17.


  15. Hamilton is definitely Irish… and with those traits, I am too! (Really though, I am! Far back on my mom’s side. We even have the red hair that pops up every other generation to prove it.)


  16. Hello! The cake looks so delicious! It’s a little similar to muffin. Did your nose get the cream when you had it? I would have Darjiling tea with it if I were you.


  17. Hope you had a terrific St Paddy’s Day and celebrated when you met your guy! That is reason to raise a mug of green beer!

    I’n not Irish but I had a few myself!


  18. hope all is well… I love your whimsical take on life and what happens to you when you embrace the day. Life does indeed place people and events in our paths to help us appreciate the world around us… Glad you found yours, one might say he was an Irish blessing. Keep smiling and doodling.. Have a great last couple of days in March.


  19. At your library they bring in employees of Irish descent solely for St. Patrick’s Day? That is a truly culturally sensitive institution, as long as they bring in Chinese-descended employees for the Chinese New Year! All kidding aside, your photos as always are of impeccable quality — it’s as if the donkey’s tongue is within inches of my face — without my having to experience that actually happening!


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