Abandoned, but Maybe They’ll Leave the Light on for You

You know how some people need to sky dive or bungee jump to get their adrenaline going?



abandoned motel rt 1_opt

Not me.

abandoned motel roadside_opt



 All it takes to get me running scared, is an old, abandoned motel (during daylight).

abandoned motel old_opt

Haunted? Maybe.

abandoned motel tires_opt


 Just tires. But my mind added chainsaws.


abandoned motel air conditioner_opt


 Definitely no air conditioning (some find  that scary)

 abandoned motel _opt


 It was super quiet here.

And something made me start running back to the car. Fast.

 abandoned motel door_opt

 Probably just my imagination.

But I’m not opening the door to find out.


What scares you? Would you stay the night in a haunted motel?

Enjoy your stay!

Happy Halloween/Weekend!

44 thoughts on “Abandoned, but Maybe They’ll Leave the Light on for You

  1. Um, no. I would not stay in an abandoned hotel. I like the Hyatt Regency with all the amenities, including a massage.
    Funny thing, though: I do love taking photos of abandoned buildings.
    And your photographs for today’s blog are just … eerily perfect.


  2. I love this compilation. There were several abandoned buildings in the small village in which I grew up and we kids all knew for sure they were haunted!

    Sorry, I often forget to add my deers!


  3. Great eerie photos. It doesn’t like as if the motel has been long abandoned — nature quickly reclaimed it.

    Although I wouldn’t seek to stay in a haunted motel, a few years ago, I accidentally stayed in a well-known haunted room at the Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts.

    I was spending a week there at a seminar and didn’t find out it was the haunted room until several days into my stay. The room had served as a field hospital after the 1775 battle at Concord Bridge. That was kind of cool, but after I learned about the haunting, I kept my eyes shut tight when I woke up in the middle of the night, and thus never saw a ghost.


    1. oh I would keep my eyes shut too!! And you’re right, botanical guests have taken up residence here. I think that’s part of what fascinates me about abandoned places. Thanks, Dianne!


  4. Even though I don’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural, I still am freaked out by anything creepy and can’t any ghost or horror shows and movies anymore. LOL!

    Those abandoned buildings aren’t creepy though because you photographed them so beautifully!


    1. I’ve always been fascinated by the scary, but don’t get into the movies and stuff. Only when I was a teenager did I watch horror movies and go to haunted houses. Not anymore!
      Thanks, Teresa. 🙂


  5. I love the spooktacular. I don’t know if I’d be willing to spend the night, but I’d adore exploring with a friend. 🙂 What scares me? Frogs. Frogs. Frogs. Stupid, I know…but there it is. Give me things that go bump in the night any time over those slimy suckers.


    1. Frogs! See now i find that interesting. Probably because there are SO many things i’m afraid of, but frogs aren’t one of them. 🙂 I’d probably choose a room full of frogs over a haunted room. LOL
      Thanks, Kitt!


  6. Once again, I’m amazed at how you and your camera can bring out the beauty in what’s probably an eyesore to most people! Would I stay in a haunted hotel? Not that one–I’ll bet the beds are really uncomfortable–if there are any!


  7. The door also looks strangely elevated off the ground, as if it were designed by creatures that float rather than walk (ghosts or alien floating eyeballs, maybe). If the interior is also choked with weeds, I think it would feel kind of like being at that restaurant they used to have at Epcot Center that was in the middle of a faux prehistoric jungle with dinosaurs growling at you. Except it would be dirtier.


  8. Coleen I love these shots, you were brave to stop and take them. It does look like a haunted place. A great place for a story to evolve. I am frightened of taking a walk on a dark moonless night, when the wind picks up and all you can hear is crickets. Kath.


  9. Coleen, these are great pics! I’m not a believer in actual ghosts and haunting, but I wouldn’t be keen on staying in something abandoned, filthy and without electricity. I suppose if the circumstances were as such that I was forced to find shelter and that was it…well…

    But I highly doubt I could sleep! lol


  10. So sorry for how long it’s been since I visited here. Let’s just say I haven’t been coping with my own overactive adrenaline lately. But I loooove abandoned buildings. Not that I’ve happened upon too many by accident, but I can walk around for hours in a ruin. I just love the possibilities that dwell there. And I’d probably be happy for a visit from a ghost just so I could say they really do exist! 🙂


  11. Any abandoned building gives me the shivers. I always am curious as to what happened. I thought the fact the A/C is still in the window was most interesting. A sign of life, at one time.


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