Creative Seeds: The Stuff That Makes Me Curious

office space inspiration

 This is my office. The clean side. 

 Thank you to my friend Karen McFarland for tagging me in her post about Inspiring Spaces!

So, I write in my office. My office has books, pictures, quotes, and so many writing utensils you might believe I’m preparing for some kind of apocalypse. Well, the kind of apocalypse where one is not SO preoccupied with survival that they may like to sit and write, or doodle, for a bit. (Perhaps, a creative apocalypse?)

Oh and there’s some ladybug stuff in my office. Because ladybugs inspire me too.

But then there’s the creative inspiration outside of the office.

The stuff that makes me curious.

creative seed grows tree quote

A tree grows in Vermont.


And maybe plants a creative seed.

Tulip Poplar Monticello_opt


Centuries old Tulip Poplar log on Saunders-Monticello Trail in Charlottesville, VA


I love the kind of curiosity that leads to the funny

poop curiosity appalachian trail _opt

That’s dear hub checking out the poop on the Sawmill Run portion of the Appalachian Trail


I told him it was poop (aka wild animal scat) but he didn’t believe me. 🙂

 But I understand wanting to take a closer look at nature.

bee yellow flower_opt

An Appalachian Trail bee


praying mantis on porch

A praying mantis on my porch


Oh and I got a curious kick out of the kids at the park who were fascinated by my hub The Fisherman

fishing curiosity_opt

They had A LOT of questions about fishing.


Oh and there was some brain sprouting at my son’s school.

It was Family Weekend and I attended a geology class and while I’m sure that the subject is fascinating I couldn’t get over how note taking has changed in twenty years.

college classroom_opt

There were more electronics than paper and pen. Trees will be happy, but how will people survive the creative apocalypse?


Family. I find a lot of inspiration with my family.

mom son and fro yo

And sometimes in a little Fro Yo. Why not?


What’s inspiring your work this week?

Happy Monday!

43 thoughts on “Creative Seeds: The Stuff That Makes Me Curious

  1. What a handsome family you have! Your photo of the bee is poster-worthy. There has been some research recently that seem to indicate that people retain more when they take notes with pen/pencil and paper versus with the computer/electronics, but I’m sure there will be another study soon that will contradict that. LOL!


    1. I’m glad to hear about this research, Teresa. At least for my work. Because I still like to jot story notes down in an actual, paper notebook. I will take memory retention however I can get it! 🙂
      Thank you!


  2. Your office looks really friendly. I would always want to write in an office like that! I’m happy for the trees too, but I don’t know how efficient I’d be taking notes on a laptop???


  3. Coleen, you must have a REALLY nice camera to take close-ups of bugs like that. The bee one is fascinating 🙂 And next time, tell dear hub not to be actually picking up the questionable poop. Better NOT to touch 🙂 And your office looks divine. I’d love to see a close-up of your Seuss print! 😀 Another thing—all that note taking on an electronic notebook is dangerous ’cause if the battery runs out and there’s no way to charge it, there’s no access to the notes!


    1. I’m with you about the access! That’s another reason I like my notebooks. I’m still taking pictures via the camera on my phone. One of these days maybe I’ll graduate to a “real” camera. 🙂


  4. Your picture essay is lovely as always. You really have a gift. But, the three shots of your husband and the look on his face is priceless — “Yes, it’s poop.” How nice you could visit your son’s class. He looks a lot like you.

    And, I love the soft colors in your office. It’s soothing.


  5. What a cute post! I loved the pictures and your personal space, but most of all I agreed that curiosity often begins outside, it’s the glimpse of something we see while walking in the park, it’s a banner we see while waiting on a bus or maybe a plant or insect that makes us consider other possibilities. It’s a big world out there worth exploring. What inspires me is other women who are courageous and who defy the odds. I’m inspired by some quotes that I keep around and by pretty things that make the day much better. Thank you for sharing Coleen! Have a beautiful day.


  6. Oooo. I love that tree. And your office is so cute and inspiring. I’m jealous. My daughter thinks my office is an extension of her room, and when she doesn’t want clutter, she comes and dumps it in my office (the spare room). Grrrr! Old clothes, her paint supplies and school books do not inspire me at all…except to nag at her to clean up her mess. It definitely doesn’t help me write.


  7. I love this! It’s amazing how much our workspace influences our creativity, isn’t it? I have been working on putting together my new office space and I’m kind of floored by how much difference a new desk or a framed piece of art makes in my state of mind!


  8. What’s up with the praying mantis invasion? I’ve seen 4 in the last week. I can count on one hand the number I’ve seen in the last ten years. I meant to tell you, every time I see your picture you remind me of a blonde Pam Dawber from the Mork and Mindy days:)


  9. Great post and I am glad I side-tracked myself to see what’s up with your world Coleen. I admire your office, but I cannot take a photo of mine – it’s alive and growing – but a space of inspiration……I am behind as always at this time of the year, but making in-roads with the students (I think).. you just have to stop and sniff the roses and check out the scat – it’s gonna be a great day!


  10. Coleen I love your studio, I can dream. Your photo’s are beautiful. The Preying Mantis is a testament to a healthy garden, the bee is divine. The scat…. I identify from afar being on a rural property most of it is large and smelly cow pats. My children tell me it is only wet grass lol Love this magical post by the way.


  11. Hi Coleen! You did it! Sorry to be late to the party but I’ve been sick this week. 😦

    What an awesome post! Can’t tell you how much I love Lady Bugs. And…is your son adorable, or what? Yep, family is an inspiration. I’m not so sure about the poop though. I haven’t quite figured out how that might inspire me. Maybe a critter perhaps?

    As always, your post was an inspiration Coleen! Thanks for participating. Love your writing space! Now back away from the sharpie! lol. ((Hugs!))


  12. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Popped over here from Susie’s Wild Ride. I have to say, YA fiction is actually my favorite genre of writing. It tends to deal with subjects in a much more realistic fiction than most adult writing ever could!


  13. Hi Coleen, Susie sent me 🙂

    And I’m glad she did. I’m a writer too, and really love the set up of your site. I love that you blog about life, and have so much charm infused in this page. It’s lovely. Part of my writing life is podcasting, and you’ve inspired me with an idea for a podcast: Blogs by Writers 🙂 This is a great place to illustrate story moving beyond the pages.

    So, all that to say, love the site! Catherine


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