Spambots Ate My Blog or The Art of Second Chances

If you’re reading this, then the Spambot war I’ve been engaged in is over.


My site was down most of last week. It popped back up for a few minutes here and there only to be swallowed again by these guys

spambot attack doodle_opt


 Note: This is not an actual spambot for they don’t show there faces. They like to lurk behind Burberry ads and gibberish disguised as flattery.



They were ruthless. They got thru Askimet and dumped so many comments HostGator had to shut me down. Finally, thanks to my tech guy (aka my hub), I got my site back.

Fish whisperer ninja_opt

 His other super power: Fish Whisperer 😉


Yay! Because I’ve got stuff to tell you all.

I finished my big Photoshop project–the one that required me to take classes–and pull my hair out.

Here’s what I’ve been up to–the cover of my new book:

The Art of Second Chances 3D_opt



 A visitor from Zac’s past shows up, sending Grace and Zac’s spring break—and their relationship—into uncharted territory.


The ebook is available now. You can check out all the details here.

The paperback is almost ready to go live. I got a bit sidetracked with choosing between matte or glossy–and again there was more learning to be done with the fancy Photoshop.

But I did it. It wasn’t easy and I still have lots to learn, but I’m pretty happy with how far I got.  And that I tried. There was lots of mistakes and trying again–which fits nicely with one of the themes in this new book. So there’s that too. 🙂

 Plus, the companion book, The Art of Chasing Normal, is a Kindle Unlimited book!

So what have you been up to? I’d love to hear! But first…

a teensy, tiny bit of bad news. Unfortunately commenting here now requires a little math. Sorry, I know this is a lot to ask, especially on a Monday. Hopefully I will find a better Captcha setup (I’m open to suggestions).

So because I miss your comments and hope you will tell me what’s been going on with you, I offer you some very pretty cake.

Dessert cake Shyndigz_opt

 Gives new meaning to fruit cake.

Or maybe you’d like a little zen.

Me too. My new favorite thing is this class

yoga garden_opt

Yoga at the botanical garden. 🙂


What’s happening in your world? I’d love to know!


36 thoughts on “Spambots Ate My Blog or The Art of Second Chances

  1. I had a the same problem in June and ended up adding the captcha 😦 Which I took off again two weeks ago to see if I can do it without, but Askimet no longer filters as well as before. Good job on the book cover and Yay for the launch of THE ART OF SECOND CHANCES.


  2. That book cover is gorgeous! Looks like you took to PS very well. I’ve been using PS since 1990, and still learn new things! Mostly, what I’ve been up to is taking care of my husband and his broken arm. Good luck in your fight against spam!


  3. Hi Coleen, yikes glad you survived the bots, love your doodle. Congrats on your third book, yay! Your cover looks awesome! I ought to get better at digital art for my covers. I don’t suppose you remember how you added an email sign up to your blog do you? I’m trying to use feedburner but it keeps saying it isn’t a feed. Falling into technical hell here lol.


    1. Thanks, Catherine! So I just looked at my dashboard and my email sign up is called Subscribe2 Widget. I have to admit that my hub put that one in there so I don’t know all that much about it. :/ I do know the techie hell you talk about though. lol


  4. Askimet is letting too many commnts through that are spam. I won’t respond to anything that doesn’t have a URL and I can’t check it out.

    I love your new cover. You are really good at designing covers! Congratulations.


  5. Wow! Your book cover looks fantastic – great job! And I love your titles – they always make me want to read 🙂 I can’t see the cake or the thing under it for some reason, but I’m sure they’re both lovely 🙂 Sorry about the spambots – that must have been awful! I hope that never happens to me because my husband will not be able to help! AT ALL! 🙂


  6. I hear ya Coleen! I was out on biz for a few days last week and some spam got through, but another 50 were at least caught in the spam filter. At least my spam filter is working. Damn spam bots!

    Cake! I want that cake!


  7. This kind of math is okay, seeing as how I usually am stuck dealing with fractions and word problems with my kids’ math!

    Congrats on your new book! I will be sure to add your new book to my Bloggers Between the Covers page, and mention it in the next post I do for bloggers’ books. You should have mentioned this new book in your comment to me, you crazy girl! 🙂


  8. That’s terrible about the spam! I didn’t know that could happen here. Congratulations on the book. It’s so awesome that you get to do what you love and what you’re good at.


  9. Hi Coleen sorry to hear about your troubles. I love your Fish whisperer and wish you much success with your book. Happy day to you. Hopefully no more spambots for you.


  10. Hi, Coleen,
    I noticed your absence and was sure you were off on a wonderful adventure. Spambots? Not wonderful, and not the kind of adventure you deserve. I’m impressed your bots spout nonsense about Burberry. The kind I get hawk low-end stuff and pharmaceuticals. Ugh.

    Your book cover is gorgeous,and I’m off to check into the new story. Before I go, what kind of wine is matched with that many-layer cake?


    1. I think that’s a hard cider. That was my hub’s glass–and since I’m disclosing, his cake too! 🙂 I had the gluten free option which was a peanut butter and chocolate pie. Yummy but didn’t photograph well.
      And the Burberry is totally fake. 😉


  11. First of all…Love, Love, Love your new book cover!!! It looks amazing! And you did this? Wow Coleen! You did a fabulous job for someone that is new to Photoshop. Well I’m impressed. So worth all the work girl! Best wishes on that front!

    Well, I guess the spammers too. Cause, what is with them lately. They’re getting past my Akismet and Jay Donavan’s extra spam widget. Thankfully, they’re being sent to moderation. It’s still an irritation. Thank the hubby for all his hard work because we missed you!

    Congratulations Coleen!!!!


  12. the addition almost got me… I am glad you are back and I hope all is well… I am back to school and life is the speed of light cubed, or so it seems. I have to sneak blogging in between a bunch of things – family, school, and community obligations – like scouts and just taking part in life. Last weekend was my wife’s birthday and I BAKED A CAKE – it was good and it might give that fruit cake a run.. in the meantime keep at it and I will, too. Fall begins Tuesday and I can hardly believe it..


    1. I really do hesitate when I see the number written out! Confuses my brain for a sec.
      And I bet your cake was great. I haven’t made a homemade one in a while, but now I’m feeling inspired…
      Thanks, Clay!


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