Photo Essay: Vermont Farm and City Life (and Tall Stuff)

Vermont cow_opt

Got milk?

Ariella (a six year old Brown Swiss cow at Shelburne Farms in Vermont) does…

…about eight gallons a day.

vermont sheep_opt

This is a sheep, but she was a total ham. #smile

vermont goat

Oh that moment, right before you leap.

Chicken round up Vermont_opt

At Shelburne Farms they let you lead the chickens back to the coop.

I could use some corralling when it comes to hanging out on the Internet.

Vermont chicken

Someone takes their job seriously. This chicken probably never procrastinates.

Chicken coop Vermont

Back stage after the show. 

Americana Vermont

On the road again. So many barns…

Burlington Vermont people

But this was something new! 

According to a friend on Instagram, this is a lamplighter bicycle.

How do you stop without falling??

Tallest filing cabinet Vermont

Burlington, VT also has the world’s tallest filing cabinet.

Takes organization to new heights.

lake Champlain earth clock

Tall rocks make up Burlington’s Earth Clock

Lake Champlain Burlington Vermont

We saw beautiful views of Lake Champlain (and the Adirondack mountains in the distance).

We did not see Champ, the lake’s resident monster. 

Oh well, maybe next time.


Have you seen (or been on) a lamplighter bicycle? What interesting roadside attractions have you found? 

Next time: The hills are alive in Stowe, Vermont!

Happy Wednesday!








36 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Vermont Farm and City Life (and Tall Stuff)

  1. Yeah…how does one ride that crazy bicycle?? Great photos…as always! Now, I want my own sheep. 🙂 They’re hard to take care of though (everything from stray dogs to coyotes get to them and one needs very good fencing and guard dogs to keep them safe). The Burlington Clock looks like a mini Stonehenge. 🙂


  2. We visited Vermont about 14 years ago and drove through Burlington and ended up a few days at the Trapp Family Lodge, which was lovely but very commercial. You animal photos are really, really good. Love the cow — that took some courage– and the Lake Champlain photo — gorgeous! What a fun road trip. I wasn’t familiar with the Burlington Clock — and it does look like Stonehenge.


    1. My next post will feature the Trapp lodge! Ariella the cow was very sweet (or perhaps, bored) and she really had no problem with my impromptu photo shoot. Although I don’t think I considered what she could do if she didn’t want her picture taken! Whoops. 🙂


  3. Love your photo essay! I would love to go to Vermont and especially a farm in Vermont. What could be better than that except maybe the world’s tallest filing cabinet. 🙂


  4. You really know how to get around Coleen. Love the pics. And the goat is so cute! Well, they all are. Thanks for sharing them with us. It’s good to know that someone is getting out and about this summer! 🙂


  5. We’re on the road from Fallen Leaf Lake, CA to home, road signs ranging from ‘Obama Must Go’ to ‘Friends of Bowe Bergdahl.’ Lots of cows, no lamp lighters! Hear hear on Internet time needing corralling. Cluck, cluck. Happy travels.


  6. Coleen – lovely barns and barn country photos… there is something relaxing and refreshing about a drive in the country with time to stop and poke around, to look at the chickens and take it all in… I miss those trips. It’s time to take one. Take care and stay well. Clay


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