47 thoughts on “Strength: It’s In There

  1. Regular doses of the outdoors and quiet time (sometimes together but not always) help me tap the strength, along with a liberal dose of coffee. I always say that will is stronger than muscle, especially when it comes to activities like hiking a mountain or biking up a hill. But I guess it applies to life in general!


  2. Love it, Coleen! You’re so skilled at telling stories and inspiring fans with images. 🙂 My radio show’s giving me strength today. I barely slept last night, but knowing I get to go into the studio and do work I love perks me up more than vats of java. 😉


  3. I sigh a lot, then I sigh some more, then I tell myself that my ass will get smaller if I just get off the couch and go do whatever needs to be done. There’s my inspiration; wanting a smaller butt.

    And then, when the deed is done, I celebrate with ass-building alcohol. It’s a vicious cycle, but if I quit drinking the booze, I’ll have not motivation to get off my backside. No workey – no drinkey.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  4. What a lovely inspirational post, Coleen. My inner strength, such as it is :), comes from family and friends, quiet walks with my dogs, soaking up a little sunshine when I get a chance, and hanging out around horses – true balm for the soul. I used to drink coffee too… but I had to give it up because it gave me a stomachache! 🙂


  5. Love this, Coleen, and Mark Twain was right 🙂 I think living gratefully keeps the inner strength “tank” full most of the time, and on the days I feel like the needle’s on empty, I consciously recall the many things I’m grateful for and ALways ask God for the fuel I need for that stretch of the trip. Without His love and support and that of family and friends, I’d be destitute in every way, for sure.


    1. Me too. I’ve had to give up almost all the milks (plural because I think I’ve tried every kind!) that I used to put in it, but I’m ok as long as I can still have the coffee.


  6. Inner strength – that is what keeps me going… it is the notion that what I have to do is very important and valuable… with only a handful of days remaining in the school year I need all the strength I can muster. I always start my day coffee and the reminder that what I am doing is making a difference for some kids, not all kids, but for those that I am making a difference for – it’s huge. Our topic this month is perseverance and we are making in roads… one student at a time, one day at a time. thanks. Always love your posts.. hoping you have a wonderful day and week to come.


    1. I love that you have these great topics to discuss at school. I imagine these are lessons these kids will take with them and remember. Thanks, Clay. And back at ya for your own thought provoking, inspiring posts!


  7. I wish I had something wise and profound to say. Coffee gets me going, and fear of perishing before I accomplish my goals usually keeps me moving forward. A glass of wine is my end-of-day reward. Some days, looking forward to that glass of wine is the best motivation of all. Love your photos, Coleen.


  8. Really great photos. And, I love Mark Twain’s quote. My inner strength is there for me in unexpected moments. I think it’s something we are constantly nurturing within us, consciously or unconsciously. Great post to ponder.


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