Reading Gives You Wings

bird book cartoon

I’m spreading my wings!


This weekendย I will be participating in a local authors fair at Cascades library in Potomac Falls, Virginia.

There will be bunches of SUPER cool author peeps.


Super cool author peep, Kathryn Erskine.


And books and book stuff.


YA book swag


And coffee, I’m sure. Although, I should probably switch to decaf.


drawing on Starbucks cup

Me + Caffeine (and/or nerves) = Doodles


I’m grateful, excited, nervous, but also very CURIOUS. ๐Ÿ™‚


Are you spreading your wings? How do you calm your nerves?

Happy Wednesday!


28 thoughts on “Reading Gives You Wings

  1. Your doodles are great, Coleen. That event sounds great for public speaking practise. I have a few public speaking things coming up too. Baby steps!


  2. Coleen! I love your illustrations. You’re multi-talented. My guess is that your nerves will fade once people approach you because you’ll focus on them rather than on yourself. Have fun!


  3. Lucky you getting to meet Kathryn Erskine. I love her books. Have a great time at the Book Fair. Once, you’re there you will go with the flow and have a great time! You are very talented. Calming myself — I focus on my breathing and go within. I always find a nice, quiet place to retreat to for a few minutes, even if it is going outside. You’ll do great!


  4. I am spreading my wings. I’m trying on-line dating, with little success. May find another way to get airborne. Relaxation? Acupuncture and Theta waves.


  5. Wow, Coleen, your doodles are works of art. What awesome talent you have! Your book marks are beautiful. Have a wonderful time at the book signing. Wish I lived closer so I could come and meet you and support you. It’s always fun to hang out with writer peeps and so cool to meet your fans and sign your books for them! Woot!


  6. You doodled that just off a caffeine high? Wow – I’m pressed. I drink a lot of coffee but can barely draw a straight line. Have fun at the book signing! You rock!


    1. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I don’t need anything stronger than caffeine! ๐Ÿ˜‰ You may not be able to draw a straight line, but you do all that impressive sporty stuff!


  7. I’m not sure I’d call those doodles .. they are too wonderful! Especially on a coffee cup. That’s pretty darn talented.

    Spreading my wings, yes, I’d say so, with more freelancing work. Non-fiction articles and essays are different animals from my first love, fiction. But, I think broadening my scope of writing will help me across the board.

    Have a wonderful time at the book fair. You’ll be great, and people will love you. My daughter is reading Mockingbird in school right now — what a coincidence!


  8. Your illustrations are amazing! Might as well stick with regular coffee if it makes you create something like that. Have fun at the fair and just be sure to keep that Billy Joel mantra in your head. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. You will be awesome, Coleen! Your books are fantastic and people will see that at once! You will love getting to meet and chat with other authors. And your doodles are gorgeous, so don’t avoid the caffeine for that reason ๐Ÿ™‚ Will you get to so a reading?


      1. Thanks, Susanna. Your support means a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚ There was an option to do a reading, but I was really unsure about it since my books are YA. So I opted out. But then I got asked to be a part of a panel discussion on the creative life, so I think my day will be chock-full of new experiences.


  10. reading does give you wings… reading lets you experience things you can’t because of where you live or circumstances.. reading takes you away and let’s the book characters make the BONE-HEADED mistakes for ‘ya… hopefully the reader realizes – hey that didn’t work so well for them, I won;t give that a whirl…’ My kids have been fast and furiously working through the Divergent series and trying to sneak reading while they should be paying attention to class….. but i just bust out in song “put the book away” to the beat of ‘keep the beat alive’ and just smile…. as I type you should be knee deep in readers – I hope your event goes well and you lasso a new herd of readers…


  11. Ack, Coleen, I’m so sorry that I’m five days late. It’s that website stuff. *slashes wrist* LOL! So how did the author fair go? I hope you found it successful! Perhaps we’ll learn about your experience in your next post? Again, I want to thank you and your hubby for assistance. I’m almost done. Yay! Take care! ๐Ÿ™‚


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