34 thoughts on “The Plucky Crocus: A Sign of Sunny Optimism

  1. I’m grateful you’re not going to take ALL the sun. Seriously, I accomplished almost nothing yesterday. Today, I’m checking off one to-do task after another. Grateful! What a difference a day and sunshine make.


    1. I’m thinking Monday must’ve been International Accomplish Very Little Day. How else can we explain it? Hope your getting to enjoy the nice day, Pat. 🙂


  2. Yay! We are connect by email again! It worked Coleen! Please send my message of gratitude to your techie person, aka, the husband! Btw, that picture looks very cold. That brave, determined, beautiful Crocus amid the frozen cold. Spring is near! Hang in there my friend!


    1. The crocus is a happy sight. Plus after a quick search, I learned there’s A LOT of meaning attached to these plucky flowers. 🙂 Thanks, Kathryn.


  3. Yesterday, I was grateful for the warm weather, too — 50 degrees! Today, I have another snowstorm to look forward to. Regardless, I’m grateful that my whole family woke up in good moods today and we had a positive start to the day. 🙂


    1. Yay for your word count! I’m happy to report the sun melted the snow around the flowers. Yay. Hopefully there will be no more snow!


  4. I love crocuses. They are so hardy and always bring a promise that spring is coming.

    I’m grateful that in 11 days I’ll be leaving for Disneyland to celebrate my big 5-0. And I guess I’m grateful that I’ve survived to celebrate my big 5-0. Yikes!!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  5. I was grateful for a few days of 55-60 degree weather. Then snow yesterday. But, most important, my brother made his transition on Tuesday and I am very grateful that he is at peace and free of pain. The flowers remind me of his rebirth.


  6. I am super-grateful to have finally released the first episode of my web series yesterday. There was a time when I thought it would never come out, and that it would be locked forever in “development hell.” I scrapped an entire draft of the first episode because people said it wasn’t visually interesting enough, and for a long time I thought this was the wrong decision, but as it turns out, the new animation team I have is absolutely boss.


  7. We’re thankful for friends who are artists extraordinaire & who share beautiful pics & words with us that we might not have seen, had we not met them!! That image is spectacular & speaks volumes of how most feel right about now. Tired & warn of winter, they are beauties poking thru the ice to get a shot of warmth from the sun!! Phenomenal pic Coleen sharing now!! 😉


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