Nature Selfies: Ready for My Closeup

duck closeup

Pony pasture rva


fish closeup

chicken closeup

crocodile closeup

Virginia aquarium birds

stingray closeup selfie

macro shot dogwood bud winter

**Photos taken at Meadow Farm, the Virginia Aquarium, and my neighborhood. The last photo is NOT in fact an alien, but a dogwood bud encased in Polar Vortex ice (or what I imagine my fingers, toes, and nose to look like lately).

Anything you’re taking a closer look at lately? What are your thoughts on selfies? 

Happy Monday!

40 thoughts on “Nature Selfies: Ready for My Closeup

  1. I am all the way down with selfies, I have to admit. In fact, I prefer taking a selfie to turning the camera over to someone else who may or may not recognize my good side and best angles and all the rest. I like to keep the control in my own two hands. 🙂


  2. What fun pics! The bud enclosed in polar vortex ice is incredible. Selfies & I share a love hate relationship. I don’t like pointless ones, like look at my hair today blah blah, but sometimes you’re somewhere really cool like a concert or sight seeing and there’s no one to take a pic for you and then I’m fine with it. I have quite a few selfies from my trip to London =)


    1. My hub and I have a tradition of taking a selfie of us together while on vacation, so it’s funny when a stranger stops to ask if we want them to take our pic. I bet your London pics are great, Amanda. :)I think it would be cool to have one with Big Ben in the background!


    1. I’m conflicted when it comes to selfies. I guess the comfort factor for selfies is quite possibly a generational thing. My kids seem to have no issues with them! 🙂 Thanks, Alarna!


  3. Thank goodness for chiropractors running a wait – your pictures are very good – love the chicken playing peekaboo! Spring is near, spring is near, spring is near! I am gonna keep hollering this until it comes. Keep making ’em count!


  4. I’m not usually a fan of taking selfies, but these are great! Can’t believe you got that close–or zoomed in so well to those critters, especially the goose! So cute. And yes, I’m so ready to stop feeling like the flower bloom in the last one…


    1. The cold has been ridiculous, right? As for the goose, it was super easy to get close because my hub was next to me with a bag of bread. They swarmed us! He even got pecked in the back. 🙂


  5. I thought I was going to see a few new photos of you.. but these were fun too:) Love that polar vortex.. it’s stunning! I feel about as cold as that dogwood does right now!


    1. Writing and publishing, or I imagine any transition! I can think of a bunch of things where I’ve felt frozen only to emerge in a much better state at some point. 🙂 Thanks, Pat.


  6. Wow, so much detail on the faces of those creatures, particularly on the fish. Fish always strike me as so implacably calm — perhaps that has to do with being cold-blooded, or maybe it’s because fish don’t have facial muscles that would enable them to produce expressions.


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