Let the Light In (or Dance Like a Mystic)

 ice cracking_opt

Is it spring yet?

Okay, maybe not. But after historically cold temperatures for the last two weeks here in central Virginia (and six and 1/3 snow days that shut down the city cancelled school), I got a tad excited when I saw the ice melting on the ponds at Byrd Park.



 Byrd Park birds on ice_opt

Pond gulls

(probably not their scientific name)


Amy Tan writing quote


…the stuff I brought home on my shoes. 


Bird watching Richmond VA


Or, if there are TONS of birds, feel free to dance like a mystic.


Spring is coming (eventually)!


What inspiring things are happening in your neighborhood? Also, do you think birds’ feet get cold on that ice? ( This last question is from my husband.) We’d love to know what you think. 🙂




Coleen xo



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36 thoughts on “Let the Light In (or Dance Like a Mystic)

  1. Hmmm… I daily see many beautiful things – I live in a lovely place – but I can’t say I’ve seen anything that suggest spring is coming any time soon. We’re supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow… As for the birds’ feet, I think they do get cold, but I don’t actually know. Maybe they’re like horses, where when it’s cold their bodies naturally decrease the amount of circulation to help maintain heat.


    1. I didn’t know that about horses. It makes sense. So many animals are out in this cold weather–and they don’t seem to be complaining. So I imagine nature finds a way to make it work. Thanks, Susanna!


  2. Hey, I see my spring bulbs sprouting up…hopefully an ice storm won’t sweep in and destroy them. Gives me the itch to get outside and weed or something. Nah. I heard birds don’t have sweat glands in their skin and feet, which helps, and birds don’t have muscles, blood vessels, and nerves in their feet. The scales on their feet aren’t living tissue. Weird. I always had my suspicions about birds.


  3. Do you think the birds wiggle their feet free as soon as we’re not watching? That’s a great question, I mean it’s freezing, a few of them might be permanent fixtures. Bracing for more bad weather.


  4. No, I don’t believe their feet freeze. They alternate feet and pull one foot up close to their warm feathered bodies. But, they had a circulatory system that is different. It’s complicated to explain.

    I am so ready for a break in the weather, and we have another 6-10 in of snow on its way through SW Ohio tognight. I like snow, but this has worn out its welcome. At least as we head towards the end of the month, they won’t last as long — I hope. Keep warm in Virgina!


  5. Spring was here a month ago in my little corner of the world. The trees are blooming, tiny green buds are starting to pop open on the trees, daffodils are blooming, tulips are starting to show they tiny green heads. I wish we had some rain and cold.

    But, i’m enjoying the sunshine that’s for sure. Going to be a long, hot, dry, miserable summer I’m afraid.

    Thanks for sharing photos of the pond gulls. I’m pretty sure their feet do not get cold, but I’m only trying to think like a gull. who knows really?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  6. Well, the groundhog here in NYC saw it’s shadow so it looks like another six weeks of winter! Another storm on the way tomorrow. More snow. I like the cold weather season but this is getting ridiculous!


  7. I adore the picture of the crack in that ice – imagine seeing the light from the other side of that! 🙂 And inspired quotes, too, especially that one of Robert Lynd. Maybe the birds do feel the cold, but maybe they just don’t know any better? To be honest, I haven’t been out of the house much lately. But we’re heading for another sizzling weekend, so I think it might be time to immerse in the sea…


    1. Yes, that would be pretty I’m sure. Of course, now I’m thinking how that could be done. I suppose someone could wade out in a scuba outfit and then go under the ice…well, probably not. 🙂 Oh a dip in the sea under a sizzling sun sounds amazing! Enjoy. 🙂


  8. Love the pictures of the gulls and your quotes are nice ones. I’ve wondered too about the birds’ feet getting cold on the ice. I’ve been feeding and filming birds lately and we have lots of ice and some snow now with more forecast for tonight. Apparently the birds were created in a manner that they adapt to climate. Pretty amazing, really. Glad to see your post, Coleen. I haven’t been getting them lately in my email, and I wondered about that. I didn’t know if you weren’t posting or if my email was the problem.


    1. I love your bird feeder photos. I’m inspired to get a birdbath for my own yard, just to watch the birds in my own backyard. 🙂 This was my first post in 2 weeks, I got a bit behind on well, everything! Thanks, Freeda.


    1. Snow plowing, wow, that’s a big job. We don’t see much of it around here, which is why school gets cancelled so often. The secondary neighborhoods don’t get cleared of snow and so buses can’t get in.
      You’re right, I think this year’s spring will feel extra special! Thanks, Ruth.


  9. Look at all the greenery in those pictures, haha. We’re currently still buried in snow here! I’ve never thought about birds feet getting cold before but now I’m really curious. I’m going to have to research this…


    1. I know! Brown and grey. That’s pretty much the color of my town right now. 🙂 Isn’t all this bird information interesting? I’m even more curious after everyone’s responses! Thanks, Amanda.


  10. We have had a very mild winter in the Great Pacific Northwest this year… sure, we had that one day of snow, but were able to get through it, thank God… it melted the next day. I enjoy seeing your photos, Coleen, and it makes me think of our Seagulls, Bald Eagles and Orca Whales. We take them for granted, but every once in a while, stop to look and marvel at them.


  11. Pond gulls! I love that, and I love to bird watch. Mainly birds in flight seem to mesmerize me. Your photos are gorgeous, especially the ones of the pond gulls! Yes, I think their poor little tootsies get cold! I love all those quotes, too. Nice post, Coleen.


    1. Thank you, Lynn! I’m with you about birds in flight. Wouldn’t it be cool to just lay down in a field and watch them fly? 🙂


  12. Beautiful photos Coleen! I am looking forward to spring even though I am enjoying the snow. I was on my way to a hair appointment today and missed a shot of a flock of geese hunkered down in a field. It is below zero in Boulder and really frigid in the mountains. Yikes!


    1. Thank you, Pat! I’m so glad I posed my hub’s question, because I’m loving all the responses. It’s got us even more curious! I’m going to check out the link. Thanks!


  13. Heh, the quote about watching birds definitely reminds me of my own experiences in watching cats — it seems to me that cats would like to be accepted for the way they are, much like humans, and thus having a human sit and continue to watch a cat that turns away and sits just out of petting range, I imagine, is a powerful experience for a cat (I’m just saying this based on the growth of my relationship with a cat when I’m willing to watch it do this). Maybe birds have that sort of experience as well.


    1. One of the neighborhood cats sat nearby and watched me today as I unloaded bags from the car. Very still and quiet. I suspect he/she was waiting for me to leave so he/she could sit in the sunny spot on our porch. 🙂


  14. Okay how cool is this. So Inion told me to swing by & check out the two things on your post above which you have probably already read & laughed about. And while here I go looking on other posts to make sure I’ve seen all the newest pic’s you’ve put out as we are big fans of your photography. While looking at this post I should happen to run into a phrase that I just commented on. No joke. The quote you have at the beginning of your post, with the exquisite picture is one I’ve only heard once before & that just so happened to be a few hours ago. Mother of Imperfection has that as her Blog tagline. I just told her a few hours ago how much I love that statement: “There is a crack in everything. That is how the light get’s in.” I just find it so cool that I’ve found it twice today on two blogs I dearly love. Must be some kind of cosmic reason the universe is trying to tell me something perhaps. I’ll have to give that some thought. And yes Coleen, I think the birds feet are cold. I just think they feel it differently than we do. Least that’s what I like to think. Animals are so much more adaptable than we are & rarely ever complain. And birds are a most unique species. Which is why I love your bird pics so much!! It reminds me of my grandmother. She was a true bird-watcher even belonging to a local bird-watching group here in Franklin. She loved birds!! Great post phenomenal pics, sharing now!


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