Spinning Time into Gold or Carpe Snowman

J.M. Barrie quote


How to spin time into gold


You will need:

your time


a baby carrot

chopped dates

a few Tic Tacs

and whatever else your heart may desire


1. Dig fingers into snow and let the fun begin!

2. Toss aside any pine needles, brown leaves, and the voice in your head questioning why you are spending precious time making a snowman on a weekday morning

 smiling snowman


 3. Give your snowman a minty Tic Tac grin. 


snowman smile


4. Be sure to grin back


melted snowman


4. When snowman melts, ignore the I told you so voice smirking in your head because

the time passed anyway

and yet you found a way to keep it with you.



What time are you spinning into gold this week? 

Happy Monday!

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44 thoughts on “Spinning Time into Gold or Carpe Snowman

  1. Love this, Coleen! Sometimes it’s a little hard to find those golden hours among all the things that must be done. I’m spinning stories, more slowly than I’d like, and trying to spin a book I want to read into a book I’ve read 🙂


    1. I was in double Sunday mode-which happens whenever my family has a three day weekend. I can’t get Monday to feel like a Monday! So now Tuesday, is Monday and well, you get the idea. 🙂


  2. Ah, poor snow man – always so temporary. It’s a good lesson to remember, our time is limited, everything passes, so make the most of your life. 🙂 Thanks for the post, Coleen!


  3. What a fabulous use of time! I’m just drawing a zombie I wonder if it’s research to put green food coloring on some snow and make a zombie snowman. 🙂


  4. Sharp photos of the nice little snowman. How we spend our time is important, especially as writers. Seems there’s always something new to create or something old to revise. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I always notice that you check by now and then. Appreciate it.


  5. This weekend I entertained 6 9-year-old boys for a birthday sleepover. We were blessed with lots of snow, and I took them sledding. Thank goodness for a snowstorm that I otherwise would have cursed. 🙂


  6. Well, I guess if I were to answer this question honestly, I’m spinning alcohol into gold this week. Lots of extra calories, but a lot of feel good evenings. Lately I just need the pick-me-up of a good appletini or cosmo.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  7. Now you got me in the mood to go out and make a snowman in the park across the street. With a foot of snow it should be easy in the morning. I’m sure all the kids in our hood will be. Fun post! 🙂


  8. It is snowing, again, and reading this made me want to go out and make a snowman when I get home! I saw your weather and you have more snow, too and we still have a couple months remaining before the spring is here and that is no guarantee it wont snow after 3/22…. so, I’ll spin straw into gold in anyway I can… thanks for the reminder to ALWAYS be looking for ways to make it GOLDEN!


    1. You’re welcome, Clay! January is always central VA’s month for a big snowstorm. Even though we only got 3 inches (i think) we are on day three of no school. They just can’t get all the neighborhoods plowed for the buses. With the 3 day weekend we had, my son has been out now for a week. He actually WANTS to go back. Ha ha.


  9. I love that quote. The great paradox of time… (and I feel kinda special since I got a sneak preview on this one 😉 ). Catching up on the blogging world would be like spinning gold for me this week… Can’t wait to knock my to-do list on the head. I miss everyone!


    1. Yes and the cool thing was that I’d read your tweet the night before we got the snow and almost replied that I couldn’t make a snowman because we hadn’t gotten any snow! So cool that I woke up to find a wintry scene! 🙂


  10. Hi Colleen! I hear it’s freezing again in your neck of the woods. Well, when one has snow, one makes a snowman. And not a bad looking one I have to say. Very inventive facial features. I just hate it when they melt. And what am I spinning? Trying to find the right picture for my new site. Not an easy task. So off I go before the snow melts! Stay warm Coleen! 🙂


  11. Wow, that is a unique-looking snowman — in the first shot, in particular, it looks to me like it was made out of coconut flakes. A dessert idea in the making, maybe? Also, even in its untimely demise it had visual appeal — it looks like a lake of silver or mercury in that final shot.


  12. That is one handsome snowman, Coleen!! It’s a perfectly enchanted way to spin time into gold!! And what a surprise for us to find out our Coleen is “The Miller’s Daughter” or rather our Queen, as it has been many stories ago since a beautiful lady spun anything into gold. Straw as I remember the fairy tale! 🙂 This is the perfect example of what we can do to make those magical moments last forever, turning them into precious memories of gold!! I’d love to say we’ve been spinning our own gold & have an amazing snowman to show for it, but there’s no snow by us. lol Oh, it’s cold, 3 degrees last night. But no snow. With Mathair being down with bronchitis, we’ve spent most our time at home, reading or watching movies & nursing her back to health. So thank you for sharing this with us & letting us take part in your spun gold. Perhaps if I give a call out with the right name, we’ll scare away our sick-troll & get our chance at gold & possibly some snow. Rumpelstiltskin!! Loved this Coleen & sharing it now. 🙂


  13. Ahhh, your little snowman had the cutest, chubbiest face, Coleen:) I love days like this one, we should do this more often! I love whiling away time with my little puppy.. because time with her is time well spent!


  14. I love your snowman, Coleen, and the awesome photos you always have on your posts. I won’t be spinning time building a snowman, unless I can build one out of sunshine! I’m hoping to spin some time into posting on my blog this week. Haven’t posted one since the end of September! Have a great week!


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