Adventure Agenda:Get the Most Out of Life

edge life_opt

Kids, do not try this at home.  All stunts performed by a free-spirited professional tour guide. 


With the new year upon us, I want to send out an extra special thank you for stopping by and sharing in this adventure with me.  You all add heaps of sparkle to this journey and I am SO grateful.

So here’s to getting the most out of life.  Whether your adventure agenda for 2013 includes dangling your legs over the Grand Canyon or making room in your day for afternoon tea (yes please), here’s to a happy, healthy, successful and peaceful new year.

Wishing you all the best,

38 thoughts on “Adventure Agenda:Get the Most Out of Life

  1. Hi Coleen! May I just say how much I love your new site! It’s beautiful! And oh how I relate to that picture, although it’s my hands that are hanging onto the edge with my body hanging down below. Did you see them because they are there. I would rather sit on the edge, thank you very much! A much better view! I do like your idea of afternoon tea Coleen. We much do that together some time on twitter. I look forward to 2013. Congratulations on all your endeavors Coleen! {{Hugs!}}


    1. So happy to see you back in the blogosphere. Here’s to a year with a better view Karen.
      Oh and all credit for the site goes to my hub–we’re trying different looks out. 🙂
      Big HUGS!


  2. Yes, I’ve definitely come to see my life as an adventure more and more throughout the years, as opposed to a test I have to pass or a competitive game that I’m required to win. That definitely makes a difference in terms of how much I’m able to enjoy it.


  3. Happy New Year. I’m beginning the new year with a vacation – an entire family type vacation to see Mickey. So, I would call that an adventure. Then, I’ll get to work. Have a wonderful 2013.


  4. And a healthy and successful 2013 to you as well, Coleen!

    I kind of feel like I’ve been dangling my legs over the Grand Canyon! Still do–LOL!

    Here’s to flying~ ❤


  5. Happy New Year! Dangling your legs over the edge of the Grand Canyon……. yikes, I couldn’t do that. I get that weird feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it! I am with you on the adventure, just not the feet dangling part!


  6. Happy New Year, Coleen! Yes, great attitude for us to have. I’m looking forward to the post you write about finishing that 5k run you’ve been wanting to do. I know it’s going to happen and will be another great adventure in your wonderful journey. Cheers to a great 2013!


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