A Toast to Fun, Food and Men in Skirts


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In the spirit of holiday, food and fun, I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving week via photos from the local Celtic festival.


First, a toast to FUN.


And to YUMMY food. 


And Music! 

 irish dancing_opt

To dancing.


To hanging out and playing games.

 men in kilts_opt

And to dressing in your holiday best.


And last but not least, to tradition!

I don’t remember my Irish grandmothers mentioning this Celtic delicacy, but I leave you with–

Ye Olde Fried Oreo . 


Enjoy yourselves this week!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to stop by. Huge heaps of gratitude. 🙂

What are you thankful for this week?  Do you have a favorite festival food?





61 thoughts on “A Toast to Fun, Food and Men in Skirts

  1. Step dancers are AMAZING! So are people who can throw logs/telephone poles!! I confess, I have never tried a fried Oreo, but it sound good… especially when you refer to it as Ye Olde Fried Oreo – so traditional 🙂


  2. This sounds like more fun than most Thanksgivings. Wish I could go to a Celtic festival instead 🙂

    My dad’s side of the family is Scottish, so my cousin actually walked down the aisle at her wedding to a bagpiper and then all the guests took part in the town’s regular Saturday walk with the local Scottish pipe band.


  3. I am thankful for family — and always having room for one more. That’s become a family tradition since we were a military family for so many years … and it’s a joy to swing the door wide open and say, “Y’all come.”
    Favorite festival food?
    I do know what isn’t my favorite festival food:
    Fried mullet.
    We lived in Niceville, FL and they had their annual Mullet Festival (yes, indeed they did). Tried the mullet once. It’s a “trash fish.” And it tastes like one.


  4. I love everything Celtic — the music and dancing in particular. It’s somewhere in my Irish genes. Would have enjoyed the festival. Glad you had such a great time. Great photos of your fun time!


  5. It’s become obvious to me since Halloween that Australia lacks for fun festivities, and as I am vegetarian, most of the traditional festival foods are beyond me. Having said that, my Nanna used to make a fine Mock Turkey 🙂

    This week I am thankful for you, Coleen! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


  6. Can never have too much fun! I’m going to have to check out Celtic Festivals around here.

    What am I thankful for this week? Wonderful friends, family, pets, and so much more.

    Hmmm. Favorite festival food? It’s been a while since I’ve indulged in the deep fried treats but I used to really enjoy funnel cakes.


  7. Ick, ick and ICK to blood pudding. Couldn’t get into the deep fried Oreo’s either, I’m afraid. I was the kid who DIDN’T like the middles…just the crunchy chocolate part. What can I say, I’m the square peg who will never fit into the round hole. 🙂

    I am SO drooling over that fish. If I were going to eat anything deep fried, it would be batter dipped fish. In fact, on my next ‘can’t-stand-it-GOTTA-have-gluten’ day, I think that’s going to be on the list of must-haves.

    Guys in skirts… As long as they are kilt skirts, I can live with that.


  8. Fried Oreos!?! Really? I’d give those a try.

    Happy Thanksgiving from California! May your belly be full and your heart be light.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  9. How fun! I got to see lots of men in kilts this past weekend too–attending the Scottish Highlands weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival. I indulged in a turkey leg, but that fried Oreo looks awesome! Happy Thanksgiving, Coleen.


  10. Is it a peculiarly American custom to deep fry everything now? Aren’t we, as a nation, just way too large? Or is it a world wide phenomenon? Either way, I can’t think of anything more unappealing than a deep fried Oreo cookie- unless it’s deep fried pumpkin pie. I’m with you on the pie and whipped cream or ice cream. But keep deep frying away from my cookies!


  11. I’m not surprised by the fried Oreo — in my visit to Edinburgh a while back, it seemed like they would fry everything up in Scotland. I saw a vendor selling fried candy bars. I was not quite courageous (or foolhardy) enough to try one. Thankfully, there was enough non-fried Indian food available for me to get by for a week.


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