Bowl Haircuts and Other Scary Things

Halloween words_opt

Halloween has been shifted from center stage here due to the Frankenstorm moving up the east coast (although if you asked my kids, they would say the fact that school is closed is center stage, but you can’t ask them because they’re still sleeping).

But the biggest concern in my area (Virginia) is the wind.  Because of the trees.


We have loads of pine trees in our neighborhood.  Now pine trees may make it possible for us to have cinnamon scented pine cones this time of year, but they also have a shallow root system that unfortunately causes them to topple like dominoes.

 hurrican irene virginia_opt

Here’s a pine that took out our power for more than a week last year after Hurricane Irene (I don’t believe it’s of the cinnamon variety).


But let’s not think of toppling trees, flooding or power outages.

How about I taunt you with scary Halloween witches . . .

 witch coleen patrick

  Eleven year old me.  

Or venomous spiders . . .

 spider at natural bridge

I don’t actually know if it’s venomous, but it’s certainly scary.


And let me remind you of the horrors of denim on denim.


Spider attack broken finger 

I’d like to blame this “fashion” on delirium due to a spider attack (yes, that’s why I’m in a cast).


And last but not least, let me get you running scared from this bowl haircut . . .

bad hair day

 The relative who shall not be named (shamed?)


 And now I gotta go, before Bowl Haircut Girl finds me.

What scares you on Halloween?  What is your favorite Trick or Treat candy?

Have a great (and safe) week!

66 thoughts on “Bowl Haircuts and Other Scary Things

  1. Yes, we’re bracing ourselves for Sandy as we speak. She is due to arrive sometime today! We used to have a lot of pines in our backyard until a few storm knocked enough over to propel us to cut the ones down that are closest to our house. While I miss the foresty look they gave my yard, I don’t miss the needles or the unbelievable sap. Pinecones were fun–although I never made my own cinnamon scented ones–you need to post your recipe! 🙂

    I love Halloween. I host a party for my kids every year, and we got our in the nick of time (Saturday night). I always dress up as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. And on Friday we went to a place called Spooky World where people dressed up as zombies and such (at least, I’m pretty sure they were people dressed up…) jump out and scare silly people like me looking for a good scream. It was a little hokey, but I caught up in the moment and let myself be scared. Gotta get in the spirit of the holiday, ya know?

    They rescheduled trick or treat from Tuesday to Saturday. That’s 2 years in a row. Last year they had to reschedule it because of that big snow/ice storm we had.

    Enjoy your Halloween and stay safe!


    1. Stay safe Kate! I’m still hoping this storm takes a right turn and heads out to sea. I’d rather stick with the Halloween type scary stuff than the hurricane threats. Maleficent is a great costume–one of those that can be spooky and glamorous. Love it!
      Happy Halloween!


  2. Hahaha, it’s so fun when you share pictures 😉
    I think my favorite Halloween candy is Butterfingers. For some reason I never buy these except at Halloween. And then the coupons and sales seem so irresistible that I WAY overbuy – on all kinds of candy.
    I’m hoping not to lose any trees either. We had the biggest, scariest tree in the yard taken down this spring, so not quite as worried as usual, though.
    Here’s hoping you weather Sandy well!


  3. I hope you are safe from the trees. They do look a bit like they will work against you. Reminds me of the trees around one of my houses in Georgia. Stay safe. I do my best not to be scared. I don’t watch scary movies, etc. Favorite halloween candy. Well, I like most candy. When we bought candy to hand out, I immediately began sorting it — the candy we’ll eat and the candy we’ll give out first. I mean, if we have leftovers, I want it to be the candy we’ll eat. Is that horrible? Hmm. Maybe, I’m the evil mom in the neighborhood for doing that.


    1. Monster Mash is typically my Halloween fright threshold–and I don’t like the scary movies all that much either. 🙂 And setting aside candy for yourself is totally normal–like putting the oxygen mask on yourself before your kids, right? Not terrible at all.
      Happy Halloween Stacy!


  4. Every year, the kids & I used to sit & watch “Halloween”, I sent my son (now 33Yrs old) a scary looking pumpkin last year that played the “Halloween” theme song.


  5. Oh my goodness so funny you added a photo of someone else, let’s all start doing that hee hee. I do hope you don’t lose any trees this time, stay safe, Coleen!


  6. Thank you for not actually showing the spider. I hates ’em, hates ’em, hates ’em.
    Favorite Halloween candy? Candy corn — but I can’t eat it anymore because of the whole GF thing.
    Speaking of which, are you still on your gluten-binge?


    1. Me too Beth. I wasn’t kidding about the cast–I really did break my finger trying to swat away a spider. LOL
      And I am a candy corn fan too, but I’m off the gluten binge. It was good while it lasted. 🙂 Happy spider-free Halloween Beth!


  7. I’ll be thinking of you Coleen–and am willing those pine trees to keep standing. (Yes, they look menacing. Storms make us view everyday things like patio umbrellas and hanging baskets as potential deadly missiles.)

    You’re allowed to dig into the Halloween candy stash during storms.

    Stay safe!


  8. Most of those running for political office scare me. Fave Halloween candy=anythi.g chocolate, especially Reece’s cups and Snickers.

    Take care in the oncoming weather – good thoughts and prayers for your family’s safety!


  9. That bowl haircut is sooooo cute!
    Be safe my friend. I think trees can be the worst in a storm. Out here in the West, we have to be vigilant since we have so many towering trees that have been beetle killed. I won’t go hiking in some places when it is windy.
    I am looking forward to a 3 Musketeers bar!


  10. shew! Have I got some SCARY hair shots of my own… LOL! But ugh. Trees in storms. Having lived many years in the Gulf Coast, I know that exact feeling of watching them and willing them not to fall.

    You guys are in our thoughts and prayers! Stay safe~ :o) ❤


  11. These pics are hilariously scary! That haircut is a riot ~ maybe more of a mullet/bowl cut? Yowch.

    I really hope none of your cinnamon trees fall over this storm. That would suck not to have power for five days! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope Frankenstorm (love that!) leaves you in peace.

    Thanks for the fun/scary giggle this morning.


  12. Luckily I don’t have any photos of my denim on denim look. But if I did I certainly wouldn’t share. I must always maintain the aura of suave sphistication that I eminate at all times. Why let everyone know I’m really a dork? I have a public to consider.


  13. My sister killed the biggest spider for me the other day. It was truly disgusting. I couldn’t even look at it! Spiders are pretty much the scariest thing about fall around here…and my raggedy housecoat I wear when I’m cold. 🙂


  14. Trees in the field next door are trying to limbo as Sandy visits and it’s only 1:30. Can’t wait for 3PM. There’s one near the kitchen window that’s been threatening to come in every time the wind gets fractious.


  15. What’s Halloween again? Haha, school getting canceled is center stage for me too! I got to sleep in until 10:30 today =D
    I trust that the spider is there I’m just glad I can’t see it! I was too scared to read about your spider attack, I can’t believe it left you in a cast =O

    Thankfully we don’t have many trees to worry about in my yard! Stay safe in the storm!!


  16. Oh my goodness! I hope you’re all okay with the storm a’coming. Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, I know the anticipation of a hurricane. I also know what it’s like to be without power and to have your house repaired from storm damage. Keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

    Love the old pics! I am really glad that there are no photos of me in the clown costume I wore for three years as a child. Now the haircuts from childhood…well, posting those scares me.


  17. What I love about Halloween: It is my birthday & Reese’s peanut butter cups
    What I don’t love about Halloween is how very many I’ve had, no maybe I take that back; it is better than the alternative.
    This year I hate that I am safely ensconced here in the mountains and almost everyone I love is in NJ & VA


  18. Eeck! When you put all those things together, there is definitely a lot more to be frightened of than Halloween! But at least you’ve taken the sting out of them here 🙂 (Okay, sick joke, but it couldn’t be avoided).

    I’d add Feral Bees to the list of scary things – didn’t know there was such a thing until I was planning a camping trip the other day. Apparently one must prepare to be stung = change of plans.

    On a serious note, thinking of you and hope you stay safe through the storms.


  19. Hope you and yours are staying safe and well, Coleen! Those photos are PRICELESS. 🙂

    Deep water and crazy people with nothing to lose scare me. My favorite Halloween candy nowadays is anything dark chocolate. I love Hershey’s dark chocolate with almonds.


  20. Great photos, Coleen. That hurricane scares me, and those trees in your yard are so tall. Hope they stay put and I hope your family stays safe. Favorite candy – changes from moment to moment, but right now caramel with a juicy apple underneath it sounds yummy (and partly healthy)!


  21. Hilarious.. I love old photos and fashion faux pas (did I spell that correctly?)!! I dressed entirely in teal (yes, with leg warmers) and I was officially the Smurf (not Smidge) all night 😀 I hope your trees stay put and will be praying for you!!


  22. I am glad you weathered the storm and the pines didn’t fall. We just had wind and snow in Ohio. Loved your photos — the towering trees aone were a fightful sight — especially for Halloween. Have been traveling the last week or so and just flew in as flights were cancelled on Sunday night. You had a good parent who took photos of you — I have so few of me in my teens. Love them all. Favorite candy – almond joy.


    1. Thanks Patricia! So glad you were able to fly in just in time! My husband was in Chicago and flew into Charlotte on Monday. His flight home was cancelled so he ended up driving halfway to stay in a hotel for a night and then drive the rest the next morning. It was an inconvenience, but so glad we don’t have a mess here at home!


  23. Love the pictures, Coleen! Especially the denim on denim – I laughed right out loud and made everyone in the room ask what was so funny! 🙂 Hope you stayed safe from Sandy – I heard Virginia got snow. We were very lucky… no pine trees, cinnamon scented or otherwise, right near out house, although I did have some moments of extreme doubt about a certain cherry tree!


  24. I hope you weathered the storm alright. My mother-in-law lives in Virginia (Centreville – is that near you?) and she said the wind was wild. She got the day off work. Fortunately, she kept her power and no trees came down near the house.

    My favorite Halloween costume as a kid was always a black cat because I loved having the ears and tail.


    1. I live about 2 hrs from Centreville :). We were so lucky with this storm. The news forecasted some scary possibilities and none of it happened, So thankful! Glad your mother in law is okay too! Thanks Marcy!


  25. Glad you guys are okay!! I was out of town during all the Halloween parties so I feel like I missed it entirely this year 😦 Although I do have the urge to eat candy all day as food…


  26. I did not know pine trees came down so easily, Coleen. We have some in our yard. Fortunately they’re a fair distance from the house. Love the pictures. Happy Halloween!


  27. My favorite Hallowee candy is Twix. Then Butterfingers. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pics, I remember the teased bangs of the 80s. 😉 Hope you made it through the storm okay. And that the Pines stayed upright and away from your home. 🙂


    1. Sorry Lauri! 🙂 I have been seeing jean jackets and jean shirts in the stores recently. Of course, they look slightly different than the jean jacket I have in my closet. So if I were to wear mine, I would look like I time traveled, instead of trendy!


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