For the Love of Vacation: Family, Fun and Some Bison Slobber


 School is out.  Summer is here.

And that means vacation time!

car packed vacation_opt

“Those that say you can’t take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip.”


I love family vacation for the break from routine–and the change of scenery.

 ireland road _opt


 san francisco vacation view_opt

 San Francisco 


Niagara Falls


I love vacation because you can sleep in–or take a nap.  Anytime.  Anywhere.

 VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

My son sleeping on an airplane shuttle


I love vacation because I don’t have to make dinner and travel offers opportunities for new experiences.  Curious what 55 degree water feels like?

unexpected cold swim vacation NY _opt

It’s cold, really cold.

Stony Brook State Park, New York 

And of course, when you travel, there’s always the fun of meeting new friends.

 bison car trip_opt

That’s a bison.  In our car.  

Oh, the slobber.

But the thing I love the most?  Spending time with my family.

 family vacation fishing dodie smith quote _opt

Are you travelling this summer?  What do you love about vacation?


**I will be on a blogging break for the next couple of weeks (although I’m sure I’ll be blogging in my head).  See  you all when I come back–hopefully with lots of cool pictures and NO bison slobber. 🙂


30 thoughts on “For the Love of Vacation: Family, Fun and Some Bison Slobber

  1. Looks like loads of fun, especially the Bison. Love your new picture, Coleen 🙂 Have a lovely vacation.


  2. I just started packing are for a camping trip and the back of the suv looks much the same, and I still need to add food, clothes, and children. Add a kayak to the top and bikes on the bike… I think I will have spent more time packing than we will be camping. All this work for a few precious unforgettable memories!


    1. Yes pics other than the one my hub took of me at airport before coffee but after xanax for


  3. We hope to head to California this summer. I’m not sure since Hubby’s making a trip there this week. I have to admit, I was channeling my father-in-law when I saw that Buffalo that close. He volunteers at Custer State Park and always talks about how dangerous they are. 🙂 Sorry to be that person. I get out of the way every time they came near our camp. Have a great break. I love the packed car photo and quote. So true.


  4. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip and blog about it when you get back. That way, I’ll get to experience it, too.

    Memories of my April vacation in France have to last me the rest of the year. Happily, I have lots and suspect they’ll sustain me for years.

    Enjoy your vacation!


  5. Lovely, Coleen. You have such a unique blogging style—always picturesque and entertaining. (Yep, even posts about slobber. LOL)

    Vacations… I love quiet mornings, writing near the ocean, hot tubs in hotels and seeing family in any kind of place or weather.


    1. That photo always makes me smile! I will have to find the bison video. It’s got to be good for a laugh!


  6. Lots of fun pictures, I can imagine the joy and excitement that came along with the experiences. I’m jealous.

    I blog in my head all the time. Half of it I forget before I get it written down. I used to think in Facebook statuses or sometimes what I’d write on Twitter.

    We are going on a 12ish hour drive this summer to my husband’s parents. But since we have a 2 year old we are doing 6 hour days then camping. Well, okay a lot of that is because I don’t do more than 6 hours in a vehicle without getting twitchy. Husband and daughter could drive for days without break.


    1. Six hours is my limit in the car too. I always planned our stops using that time frame. I remember the trips with 2yr Olds 🙂 each age brings different adventures!! Thanks Asrai.


  7. I love car vacations. I don’t take them anymore – the kids are grown and on their own and i’m single, which means it isn’t nearly so much fun. But oh the times we’ve had. Wonderful, wonderful memories. Have a good time, dear friend. and bring back lots of good pics and great stories.


  8. Those are some pretty cool places! We don’t take our big trip till Thanksgiving. I’ll do a small camping trip with the kids in a few weeks. But the hubby is too busy working on the game during the summer. We do get down to Comic Con. I get to take in the writer panels so that is cool. 🙂 The rest of the summer I am busy playing the part of activities director. Wow, that’s a busy job.


  9. Enjoy your vacation! I loved the picture of the bison in your car 🙂 I don’t think I’d react well to a bison slobbering all over my truck, but my husband’s car has leather seats (easy to wipe off) so the bison would be welcome to slobber all he wanted on those 😉


  10. Love your pictures! I enjoy going on vacation too. I’ve been to Yellowstone and Teton National Park and the bison there are just like the one poking his head in your car. Have fun!


  11. Wow! That sounds like an amazing vacation! I wish I could swim in the Dead Sea, but my skin is super sensitive to salt water. Did you find the salt content super harsh on your skin?


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