The Soothing Power of a Smile (and Cupcakes)

Happy Friday!

After a long week filled with lists, goals, resolutions and changes, I am in need of something a little soothing.

Georgetown cupcakes_opt

Because every now and then you just need something to calm you down, and maybe even make you smile.

So for that, I offer you the obviously underrated, power of a Q-tip.


Have a happy, relaxing weekend!


22 thoughts on “The Soothing Power of a Smile (and Cupcakes)

  1. Too cute! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could still be happy with such small things. Maybe that’s what I’m going to work on. I am going to find out how to let the small things make me happy like when I was a kid and an empty box was as great as a new bike. Thanks for the smile!


  2. Anyone who offers cupcakes for the bath or otherwise is alright in my book! 🙂 And that Q-tip thing is too funny – it’s like how you’re supposed to rub a dog’s ears to calm them 🙂


  3. I’ll take the top cupcake. I love baths! And, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I avoid the bottom cupcake. 🙂 I wish that Q-tip thing worked on my kids when they were little. Wow! Of course, I mainly used the q-tip to dig boogies out of their little noses. haha!


  4. Well Colleen – seems like you solved your own problem. Go stick a Q-Tip in your ear and stop whining!

    I love the cupcakes for your bath. How fun! I’m sure I’d enjoy the edible cupcake more, but having them at the same time would be heaven! Thanks for sharing this sweet video too.

    Now off with you to enjoy a fabulous weekend!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  5. Oh, now I want a cupcake!
    I wish had known about the Q-tip trick when my kids were little. I will have to pass that little trick on and see if it works on the granddaughter.
    Thanks for the giggle and the cupcake craving!


  6. So sweet! I love his reaction. I think the top cupcake is adorable and I know Monkey would love using it in the tub. I never get enough time in the day for a relaxing bath. It’s not so relaxing when kids are busting in every few minutes, “Mom!” LOL It’s okay. I prefer a hot shower anyway. Thanks for the smile Coleen. 🙂


  7. I’m thinking the bath cupcake looks very delicious. (One of my fun accomplishments in 2011 was finally visiting Coco the Cupcake truck. Chocolate Overload – yummy). Relax and enjoy.


  8. Oooooh, I’m a Q-tipper, too. It just feels yummy. Yeah, I’m weird, but I think we all knew that anyway. Your cupcakes crack me up. Santa gave my daughter a bath cupcake and she didn’t realize it was for the bath. Her face when she licked it was classic. Funny, but when she went back home after the holidays, she didn’t take the cupcake. Oh, well. Bath time for me!


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