The Indefinite Future of Someday



At the start of last year, blogging and social media were not on my to-do list, let alone part of any resolution, but they were something I imagined I would do someday.

You know, someday, the indefinite future.

As in someday I will travel to Italy and Greece, or someday I will use that trapeze school gift card (yes, I really have one of these).

Or maybe someday is dusting that stupid cobweb at the top of the family room ceiling fan–you know what I’m talking about, the one that can’t be reached without stopping to get a step stool or a broom.

So time goes by and that cobweb starts to dangle, it may even mock you a little by blowing in the breeze of the fan as you sit on the couch, but still you ignore it, push it off until the indefinite future, and then one day it’s gone.

Must’ve fallen off you think, some point between Masterpiece Theatre and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . . .

But what if  left unchecked, that cobweb bans together with others of its kind, and is lurking close by . . . a giant, zombified dust bunny of regret?

*cue Psycho music*

Indefinite inaction = Dustus Bunnicus

Then again it’s only dangerous if that action was something important.

Like say fulfilling a long-standing dream.

So when the idea of building an author platform presented itself last year, I thought, But I’m not ready . . . someday my blog will come.

But I was curious, so I Googled and researched and read Kristen Lamb’s books We Are Not Alone-The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer, and the next thing I know . . .

Domain.  Blog.  Twitter.  Facebook.  I was out there.

And yes, it was way out of my comfort zone and not what I had planned, but then again:


“Why not seize the pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation?”

–Jane Austen


Now okay I cringe a little at the words “foolish preparation,” because let’s face it, I am really more of a planning kind of gal. I like neat stacks and files and research.  I don’t just hop on Amazon and buy something without researching it first (well, mostly–beware of that tricky Amazon 1-click setting.)

But even neatness and research can backfire and turn into Preparatory Procrastination.

Who knows what evil lurks behind clean desks and brand new notebooks?


Anyway, procrastination aside (please!) being out there was kind of the point, unless I was writing all those stories for the dust bunnies.



Maybe blogging is only a part of the dream, but the funny thing is now that I’ve gone and done it, well it makes the rest seem like it’s right there within reach.

Like a sparkling, clean ceiling fan.

I just need to go and get that step stool.


What someday is dangling over your head?



35 thoughts on “The Indefinite Future of Someday

  1. Happy New Year Coleen 🙂
    Loved this post and the reminder that sometimes we need to get wet in order to learn how to swim and see the dolphins :-))) even if it means we´ll get messy doing it.


  2. People who get rid of spiders webs must want flies instead. I just leave Nature to form its own equilibrium. Well, that’s my excuse anyway. Best wishes for 2012.


  3. On Jan. 1, I streamlined by blog subscription buttons. Something I’ve been thinking about for weeks. I had the information, but I was waiting for someday to do it. I think someday I’ll have to make a dust bunny like the one you have here. 🙂 Have a wonderful 2012.


  4. Happy New Year, Coleen. I had a similar experience with all the social media stuff and even after starting Kristen’s course wasn’t going to blog. then one day I asked myself “why not?” Since I didn’t have a good answer I started putting together a blog. As a result, I know what it takes, and that it gets easier over time and I am enjoying it.

    happy new year


  5. I love this post! I want to print it out and put it up on my bulletin board. There are way too many things I leave for someday. For me, the biggest is querying women’s magazines. There are so many articles I want to write, and some I have already written, but I have stopped short of sending out queries. I’m not even totally sure what I’m afraid of. It’s not like I can’t handle rejection. I asked out the most popular boy in fifth grade and he secretly recorded it and played it for the whole school. A query rejection has nothing on that. So, this month I’m going to do it! I’m going to send that query. Thanks for the motivation!


  6. I’m SUCH a good procrastinator, Coleen, that there’s a long long list of “somedays” in my past. I put them in the junk drawer (also the sock drawer) with al the dust bunnies and duct taped them shut!


  7. Wonderful post Coleen. It’s always nice to have a list of “somedays” floating around and even better when we unexpectedly attain them. Blogging and social media sort of found me the same way…I didn’t really plan it and hadn’t even really thought about it but then…before I knew it, I was into it knee deep and having the time of my life!


  8. Hey, when were you in my office? LOL that cobweb over the TV has been there for at least six months – and yes, it’s blowing in the breeze from the heat!

    My “someday” was like yours – blog, social media and so on. That was for “when I sell a book.” Well, that didn’t happen, I decided to publish myself, and all of a sudden, someday was now. So now that I’ve done that, “someday” I’ll get caught up on my blog reading and networking!


  9. Great post, and I love that book! I learned so much, and I’m taking her class right now. I don’t think I have a someday hanging over my head right now because I’m in the process of doing the very things I once said “someday I’ll…” 🙂


  10. Someday comes far too fast. 🙂 Like you, Coleen, I kept meaning to get around to a web presence and finally took the plunge last year. I’m awed by the amount of people I’ve met and wished I’d done it far sooner. Congrats on reaching your someday and happy new year to you and your family!


  11. Thanks all for stopping by and sharing. Just wanted to mention that the trapeze school has been on my mind after your comments–there may be some photos and/or video in the future . . . we’ll see!


  12. A trapeze gift card? You simply must use it and then blog about it! Yes, it’s a sad fact, but now that I’ve started blogging, everything becomes a possible topic.

    There are too many things on my possible list, just dangling over my head, but Louise Behiel had a great post on setting goals, so I’m going to get those nasty dust bunnies out of my life.

    I’m so glad I got to meet fascinating ladies like you this year! Last January I was exactly like you… blogging? Social Media? Argh!! Kristen is to be commended for bringing us all together.


  13. Coleen, you’re a social media natural. I didn’t know you’re relatively new to blogging, Twitter, etc. You’re good at all of it!!! Now you’ve got me thinking about giant, zombified dust bunnies of regret and how embarrassed I’d be if one of them rolled across the floor in front of guests.


  14. Well Coleen, I’m glad you jumped into blogging because your posts are among my favorites (Dustus Bunnicus – hello hilarious!). I don’t say that lightly since I subscribe to hundreds of them.

    I’ll have to think about what “someday” item I can move over to the “now” column…


  15. I’m so glad you took up blogging… In part because I love reading your posts—this one included! I wonder what could be accomplished if all the world’s dust bunnies gathered up for use as fuel… Hmm… 😉


  16. Dustus Bunnicus! I love it! Coleen you Rock! Even though I’m Irish, there’s some German in the mix too. And don’t you know that I hate dust bunnies, cob webs, clutter, well let’s just say I need a orderly working environment before I can actually write. But I like your office and desk arrangement! That’s awesome. That would work for me. I need to buy a desk. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! I needed your post! 🙂


  17. I used to be a big “someday” gal myself. Starting the blog was a big step towards changing that for me, also. At least in my writing life. I’m still pretty good at ignoring the dust on my ceiling fans.


  18. Oh yes – the some days. I have a lot of those. I really like this post because I can totally relate and appreciate your quotes and pictures. The only exception is that my dust bunnies consist mostly of dog hair (sigh). Love the dog but my God he never stops shedding – year round – just hair everywhere. But alas, I digress.

    A clean desk – I can appreciate that. I am not a long-term goal setter really. I am a list-maker but those lists are very long, which ultimately boils down to short term goals that when reached all amount to something. Really, they do. But then I just start another list and it’s a never ending cycle.

    My “some day” is – I will visit all of the states in the US. I’ve covered most of them, but “some day” I will get to them all. There. I’ve said it. Now I’m going to let the universe take over and do the rest.

    Happy new year, Colleen! And happy blogging in 2012!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  19. I’m here thanks to Susie Lindau’s anniversary party. I like your first published book. I hope I can still find mine in storage from about that age. Nice writing style, Coleen, but can you waggle your ears? I can…I think…I’ve always used the term wiggle.


  20. Coleen:

    So nice to meet you at your place. Like you, I am a planner. And I love Kristen. She is helping me to work on my fiction MS. So I feel very fortunate to have locked into the #MyWANA folks early in my blogosphere life! I found you from Susie Lindau who, as you know, is another fabulous Kristen follower.

    My plans right now are to get through the planning stages of my son’s bar mitzvah. It’s 53 days away, and I’m flailing. And I’m writing my book, and blogging and commenting on other people’s delicious goodies. And cooking and cleaning and shopping and all of that stuff.


    It is super cool to meet you. And I’m glad you came over to my place today to play!


  21. I really enjoyed this post! Sometimes you can not plan everything out, you just have to do the hardest part… START. I definitely have many somedays I am working toward making todays.


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