Guest Post at Jessica O’Neal

Happy Friday!

I am guest posting at writer Jessica O’Neal’s blog.  Jessica has a fantastic site with reviews on TV, books and movies and she is a big fan of Glee and Harry Potter. She is currently writing a fantasy novel. Check out her site here.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays. See you in the new year!
I leave you with a Christmas carol from my son’s winter chorus concert. He’s the tenor solo in the first forty seconds ;).

10 thoughts on “Guest Post at Jessica O’Neal

  1. Awww I got chills as I always do with acapella music. 🙂 Your son sounds lovely (and like he’ll be a bari by the time he graduates). Tell him he’s welcome to audition for the Harvard Yardbirds in 10 years. We ALWAYS need tenors.


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