The Sound of Music Live and Some of My Favorite Things

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sound of music television Carrie Underwood

I’m kinda ridiculously excited to watch The Sound of Music Live! this Thursday, December 5th. I’ve been a BIG fan of the movie since I was a kid, watching it every year and playing the soundtrack on my record player again and again.


My favorite things

Raindrops on roses


When I was younger, I probably got a kick out of singing along.

silver winter sound of music

Silver white winters…

(and snowflakes that stay on my nose and lashes)


But eventually my fascination with this story and its music became more about the heart, the hope, and the humor.

Heart. Hope. Humor.

These are a few of my favorite things. :)

But let’s start at the very beginning…

sound of music in photos

Doe. A deer. A deer at sunset (and Re, a drop of golden sun).


magnifying glass

Me, a name I call myself.


autumn walk

Fa. As in a long, long way to run. Through tree tunnels.


holiday pies

Pie. A super yummy thing (SO… I strayed from the lyrics a bit here). 


tacky light tour

La. That’s a lotta lights.


tea time

Tea. A drink with jam and bread (or cookies).


homemade gf donuts

That will bring me back to Do


A donut. I know, but I couldn’t resist. This weekend I discovered these gluten-free donut gems were FAR too easy to make at home. Or FA, as in that long, long way to run. Which is what I need to do after my Donut Fest.


Khalil Gibran quote


What do you have to say about The Sound of Music? What’s on your favorite list this week?

Happy Monday!!

Coleen Patrick

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  1. Super translation! I loved a local performance recently. Carrie is awesome, I bet it’s fantastic. Enjoy!

    • I haven’t seen the stage version yet. Hope to do that one of these days!

  2. Coleen, this is beautiful. Love the way you have published this post.

  3. I too confess to being a Sound of Music Junkie. I have watched it more than any other movie. It is kind of epic in its scope of really good (funny) guys overcoming really bad guys, with wholesome family entertainment and some stupendous Rogers and Hammerstein numbers! Can’t wait for Thursday either!

    • Hello, fellow Sound of Music Junkie! I ditto your comment. Thanks!!

  4. Such a fun Monday post!
    I’m looking forward to the updated Sound of Music — don’t understand all the pushback on Carrie Underwood. Even Julie Andrews said it’s about time someone took the role on.
    Some of my favorite things: snow days, which counts as snowflakes staying on my nose and eyelashes, I guess — and meeting deadlines … fa la la la la la!!

    • As much as I love Julie Andrews, I don’t get the push back either. I watched the making of this version and it’s not a copy, more expanding on the charm of the movie–which I’m all for. Thanks, Beth!

  5. Every time I watch the Sound of Music, I get something different from it. Last time it was the line, “There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who’s in love with him.” Wow!

    • Oooh, good one! I don’t remember that line, but I’m guessing that was the Captain’s girlfriend who said that? I’ll be listening for some gems like that. Thanks, Susie!

  6. Honestly, I have nerer sat through the whole movie even though I have seen parts of it dozens of times.

    I am sure Carrie will do a great job. She can really sing!

    I’ll also take a dozen of those donut gems!
    Phil recently posted..Let’s take a delicious trip to Heidi’s House in NYC!My Profile

    • How embarrassing. I’ve eaten all the donuts. Ah, guess I’ll have to make more. THanks, Phil!

  7. I love the movie so much I own it. I have to say I am not really into the idea of Carrie Underwood, only because she kinda annoys me. I’m probably the only one in this world who would dare say something like that! I love Julie Andrews, and I just can’t imagine that movie without her!

    • OK now I’m curious what Carrie Underwood did…? :) I don’t have any reference for her, other than American Idol (but I think I missed her season). I love Julie Andrews too. I saw bits of one of the Shrek movies recently, where she voiced Fiona’s mother? It was awesome when her character hit her head and then began to hum a few bars from My Favorite Things. :)

  8. Yes to the updated version of The Sound of Music! Will I remember the lyrics to all the songs? I bet I will.

    I’m off to find a photo of whiskers on kittens.

    • Yes, I bet you will remember the lyrics. Funny how the long ago stored memories come right back, right?
      I ALMOST put a photo of whiskers. I just couldn’t get it to look right, or to not be one of those “what the heck is that a picture of?” kind of photos. :)
      Thanks, Pat!

  9. LOVE your version of Do A Deer :) And LOVE the original Sound of Music! Like you, I watched it religiously every year when it came on TV – oh how I looked forward to it! And then I enjoyed it all over again on VHS with my kids! I have to say, I’m curious to see the new version, but I will be very surprised it I don’t hate it! :)

    • Maybe you will be so overtaken by the Sound of Music soundtrack sensory overload that you will be in a state of euphoria where all things are awesome…. You never know. lol :) Thanks, Susanna!!!

  10. Yea! Yea! Yea! I’m so excited about this too. I love The Sound of Music and we watch it every Christmas night. I loved your version of DoReMi (especially the Donuts).

    • Thanks, Charissa. I’m thinking they just didn’t have easy access to donuts in Austria way back when? Can’t explain the absence of donuts any other way… :)

  11. I love Sounds of Music! We went to see a stage production of it at our local dinner theater last summer and it was fantastic. I’ll be curious to see how Carrie Underwood does, because Julie Andrews is such a high bar to live up to!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..Are You a Winner? And ROW80My Profile

    • I hope to see a stage production one of these days. I will take Sound of Music in every form! :) Thanks, Jennette.

  12. I love your rendition! And, I too, LOVE The Sound of Music. It’s one of my all time favorite movies. Nobody tops Julie Andrews, but I am looking forward to Thursday night. I hope Carrie can hit the high notes because I’m planning on singing along.

    I still play the soundtrack on my record player even though my vinyl record is warped.

    Here’s to Thursday night!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • I will be thinking of you as I sing along too!! Yay. Thanks, Patricia. :)

  13. Love this post. I am with you. I am so excited about this new stage production of the Sound of Music. Loved the audition preview last week. I remember Mary Martin in the role as a child, and have seen other stage versions with Barbara Eden and FLorence Henderson in the 1970s.

    I don’t think we should even try to compare Carrie to Julie Andrews. The movie will always reign, but Carrie has something fresh to offer new generations. I am excited to see the live production. Think the children are very talented!

    • I saw the making of preview too. You’re right, the kids are all so talented! I don’t know how they narrowed the choices down at those auditions. Thanks, Patricia!

  14. I don’t know Coleen. You might give Julie & Carrie a run for their money with those pies and donuts yum!! lol. The pictures are breathtaking. That one of the deer with the sun breaking thru…AWESOME. And we don’t have to tell you that winter is my favorite time of year. And your winter picture is the one my heart naturally wants to favor. I even love the headlights you can barely make out in the distance. However, that tree tunnel, with the golden leaves. EXQUISITE!!! One of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. It looked animated. Like the tunnel would take you to someplace magical. Beautiful post, sharing now Coleen!

  15. My daughters just told me about this new Sound of Music. I’m looking forward to it!
    Ruth Schiffmann recently posted..More Mini ReviewsMy Profile

  16. Haha… Clever post, Coleen! You know, of course, that song is going to be in my head all day now. Though there could be worse things! Always loved SoM growing up – it’s one of the few programs my family watched together – every Christmas Eve. I’m not sure I could watch any other version than Julia Andrew’s, but I hope you enjoy it. At least you will be able to sing along!

  17. Coleen – I love the Sound of Music, too. I remember watching it for the first time when I was a junior in high school and visiting my dad in England over Christmas. It was fun to watch it laying on his floor with my brothers in front of the fire. My step-mom has an eerie resemblance to Julie Andrews… on my favorites this week??? getting ready for the holiday tie extravaganza – my ten days of Christmas ties! Some teachers have hioliday themed sweaters – I have ties! Have a great day. I Hope your MRI scan found the sweets!

    • I like the sound of a holiday tie extravaganza! That sounds fun. :) MRI showed no change, so in a way that’s good…kind of in a holding pattern. Just have to remind myself to keep moving forward in the mean time. Thanks Clay!!

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