The Chocolate Made Me Do It

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It’s probably not a secret that I like chocolate (or most desserts, for that matter).


chocolate tweet


Plus, I’m impressionable, or maybe better yet, let’s say, easily inspired?


white cup doodling

Some coffee inspiration


So when children’s author, Susanna Leonard Hill, posted about this:


The First Ever Pretty-Much-World-Famous Illustration Contest!!!

susanna hill contest


I got caught up in the glamour, the intrigue, the excuse to go to the craft store to buy more art supplies, and well,

a little chocolate hypnosis.

Because Susanna is one of my blogger friends who likes to post yummy chocolate pictures in her posts.

Of course she posts tons of other cool stuff about writing for children, but again there’s that mesmerizing chocolate.

So my creativity took over (as soon as I had a brand new set of watercolor pencils in my hands) and the result is an illustration for a fun story from Susanna’s March Madness Fractured Fairy Tale Writing Contest,

The Princess and the Stinky Cheese

 by Lauri Meyers.


The chocolate made me do it.


illustration tpatsc

Check out more illustrations HERE.


Have you ever experienced chocolate (or any other food induced) hypnosis? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments. :)

Happy Monday!



  1. Thanks Coleen I started following susanna’s blog, a bit too late to submit an illustration but thanks for letting us know. Good luck with your sweet drawing.

    • Thanks, Kath! You will love Susanna (and not just because of the chocolate)!

  2. So cute! I love that you put the princess in modern style clothes and sneakers!

    • Thanks, Heather. I think I immediately pictured her in those sneakers. :) Appreciate you coming by!

  3. Wow, Coleen you need to get into illustrating. That is so cute! I’m so hlad I didn’t enter now lol. Best of luck!

    • I thought for sure I’d see an illustration from you! I always enjoy yours, Catherine. :)

  4. Gorgeous illustration, love the snake at the end of the stick…nice touch. :)

    • Thanks, Catherine! Just got to check out some of your art work. Love your style! :)

  5. Yay chocolate! I’m a dark chocolate fan myself. Sometimes i just want pure, extra dark chocolate. And sometimes I want almonds or raisins or caramel mixed in. Oh! Caramels with dark chocolate and sea salt — dreamy.

    Now I’m feeling I need to blog about chocolate! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. Coleen – You really are multi-talented! I love your Princess Peabody with her high tops, messy braids, and snake on a stick! I’m so glad you joined in the fun.

  7. There’s a lot I’d do for chocolate, though maybe not draw! This is cute, especially the sneakers!

    • Thanks, Joanna! The sneakers were definitely one of the first things I wanted to draw.

  8. Love all your sweet details – esp the dog’s crown!

  9. Adorable illustration, Coleen!

    • Thanks for stopping by Cathy!

  10. I knew you were an excellent photographer, but I didn’t realize your were an artist. I love the illustration of the Princess and the Stinky Cheese. Love those sneakers! Good luck to you!

    • Sorry, forgot to sign in. The message is from me. :)

      • Thanks, Patricia. I think the sneakers are my fave too. :)

  11. Chocolate is evil! I bought a bag of sea salt and caramel dark chocolates yesterday. OMG! Someone, please take it away! See? I typed that and immediately had to go find the bag. EVIL!

    Your art is amazing. I know you’ve been in the kidlit circle for sometime now. Do you write kidlit, illustrate, or both? The talent you show on your Starbucks cups every week is amazing.
    Debra Kristi recently posted..Do You Suffer from Social Handicap Disorder (SHD)?My Profile

    • I can agree with the evil. Sometimes I have to make my husband take the sweets to work. Can’t control myself.
      I write middle grade stories too, but not as much as I write YA. The doodling has become a really fun hobby. Kind of creative cross training. Thanks, Debra! :)

    • Holy wait a second! You drew all those doodly bits on that Starbucks cup? Seriously, you post a lot of starbucks cups. Have they all had doodles on them?! My world is shaken, and now I must go through all your old posts because I have been oblivious to this. Love it!

      • I haven’t doodled on them all, but I have posted a fair share of cups here. Now I’m thinking Starbucks should send me a gift card. Or at the very least, a box of cups for doodling! :)

  12. Okay…only you my dear Coleen Patrick could do a post on “Chocolate Induced Hypnosis” and make it a freaking trend!!! I say that cuz the minute we read this together. (that is Inion myself & our bus. man. Nana) we all started smiling goofy & the two of them we’re like…”I want a chocolate induced hypnosis!!” lmao~ Seriously though, that drawing is absolutely adorable!! It reminded Inion & myself of our story that we’re currently working on New Salem Chronicles The 13 Reapers. Beautiful job on the pic!! On another note, I’m not sure if I told you yet. But we’ve had your book for the past couple of months and have been so busy with editing 3 books, I haven’t been able to finish it yet. I will tell you this. Hats off, applause due, cuz your book, is absolutely freaking awesome!! One of the few YA novels that the MC is beautifully flawed & relatable. I mean that. So many times the female MC’s are these cookie cutter perfected teens that have no kind of baggage except for their awards, trophies and boyfriend who’s always the badboy!! From the moment I started this book, I felt myself breathe. Okay..she’s human, normal, like us! She makes mistakes and lives with them!! She doesn’t have a spotless closet, she has a few demons tucked away in there! Beautifully done Coleen! As soon as we’re done with this ridiculous schedule, we will finish this and get some attention going big time on this book as it is most definitely brilliant and we feel honored to pass that on!!! ;)

    • Hypnosis is the only way to explain it!! :)
      Thanks so much for your support. You guys are awesome!

  13. You’re not only awesome at doodling pieces or art, you’re also a great illustrator, Coleen. Wow, some of the entries are so professional looking. What a treat!

    • Forgot to fill in my info. From Lynn Kelley. *Yawn* I sure could go for a nap right now! :)

  14. In the rare cases I do find strength to resist chocolate while at the store, I get mad at myself later when I’m craving it and have none. LoL. I just made oreo truffles the other night to bring to family game night and I’m pretty sure we all went into a chocolate induced comma =) Love your drawing by the way, so cute!
    Born Bookish recently posted..Quote of the Week from The Winners Curse (1)My Profile

    • My daughter LOVES to make Oreo truffles. Whenever she makes them, everyone declares them dangerous. :) THanks, Amanda!

  15. Great – now I’m stuck at work here at 3pm and really want coffee and chocolate! Dark chocolate is my fav!

    Nice doodling!
    Phil recently posted..Spring is in the air so it’s Breakup Season in NYC!My Profile

    • Sorry, Phil. I thought I was helping by not posting some evil, mouthwatering chocolate picture. :)

  16. Oh, I LOVE this Coleen! Here is a princess who looks like she’s been bushwhacking through a swamp and really might have a nose full of mud! And those flies buzzing around the cheese certainly say “stinky” to me! Great job! I’m so glad you went and got new watercolor pencils and joined in the contest fun! (And I hope you got a good supply of chocolate to sustain you through that creating too! :))

    • I had a little too much candy this weekend. But I’ve got the whole week to abstain. (LOL)
      Happy to participate! It was fun. :)

  17. Food hypnosis happens every year at Thanksgiving. Every year.

    And I have occasionally felt the hypnotic effects of one too many glasses of wine, but that’s just between you and me.

    Cute drawings.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted..Poetry, Photography and Leaves of GrassMy Profile

    • My lips are sealed. Well, unless someone brings me some chocolate. :)
      Thank you, Patricia!

  18. At my last job, I used to go into a food coma every Monday after lunch, just in time for our staff meeting. :) Didn’t matter what I had for lunch, but chocolate’s always a good excuse! Your illustration is adorable!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..Can You Have Too Much Cute?My Profile

    • Oh, food comas. I know them all too well!
      Thanks, Jennette.

  19. This is adorable, Coleen! I love it!

  20. Your princess and her cohort look very guilty indeed! Cute drawing, Coleen – you must definitely continue to explore the benefits of chocolate ;)

    • I think exploring the benefits of chocolate sounds like a very important project to undertake. Thanks, Alarna. ;)

  21. What a clever idea to have her sit on the hunk of stinky cheese! I’m totally cracking up at the twig in her hair.

    • Thanks, Teresa! This has been a lot of fun. Always love to get a smile out of peeps!

  22. Did you say new watercolor pencils? (drool) They’re better than chocolate . . . almost. Nice job!

    • I hadn’t used watercolor pencils in probably 20 years, so it was all new and exciting. Kind of like opening a big box of chocolates. :)

  23. Coleen – love the whimsy in this piece. Love the little extras of flies, and dog’s crown and is that the rattlesnake? So cute.

  24. I love chocolate. But sometimes when I eat chocolate, it makes my brain crazy. I mean it gets a bit fuzzy and I have a difficult time focusing. Maybe I am eating too much at one time but, I still love chocolate. Also, the Aztecs used chocolate in their ceremonies and it was important part of their culture – they mixed spices into their chocolate making it very potent. But I certainly identify with chocolate hypnosis.
    Clay recently posted..CH4 and the last weekend in AprilMy Profile

    • Crazy chocolate brain. It’s a real thing. I knew it!
      Thanks, Clay. :)

  25. I LOVE it! You should look into illustrating books!

    • Thanks, Susie! I might start with my next book cover. I’ve been taking classes and learning tons. It’s been a challenge with some of the techie stuff though!

  26. So cute!! I, too, love a bit of (always dark) chocolate. Have you tried Kind + protein bars? I don’t know if they are made with real chocolate but they are yummy and, you know, it says “protein” on the box so they’re obviously super good for you too! It’s a chocolately win-win!

    • I pack Kind bars in my purse whenever I go on a road trip. I love the little mini bars too. :)

  27. It has to be dark chocolate Coleen! You’re illustration rocks girlfriend! Truly, you’ve got awesome talent! I have ideas and titles for a series for children and you’ve inspired me. I need an illustrator. Let me know if you’re interested. ((Hugs)) :)
    Karen McFarland recently posted..Birds of a Feather…Really?My Profile

    • That sounds fun, Karen. I bet you’ve got great ideas!! Love to hear about them. :)

  28. Oh the chocolate. Fun entry. If chocolate made you do it, this is just another reason to LOVE chocolate.

  29. That’s great! I love the flies buzzing around the cheese, the detail of the sneakers, and that look on the dog’s face. Dogs are always looking at us like that – like we just might be crazy – which of course we are. Might as well blame it on the chocolate. :)

  30. Love the illustration, Coleen! So cute =)And I love that you are “easily inspired.” What a great way to be!!
    Ruth Schiffmann recently posted..Blood of a Mermaid Cover RevealMy Profile

    • Occasionally being easily inspired can also feel like easily distracted. :) Thanks, Ruth!

  31. Thanks to this post, I opened and am nibbling a chocolate and orange Aero Bar from Nestle. (The orange went out of production for a while but is back now. This is the British-made bar, and I found it in my local grocery store’s International Foods aisle.) The bar’s delicious.

    I love your drawing, Coleen, especially the sneakers, the eyes, and the girl’s twisty braids. You’re so talented!

  32. This is SO cute! Good luck! :D

  33. Can’t beat high tops with the laces undone. My kind of princess. Thanks for the link to the drawing contest.

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