Photos from Christmas Past: The Gifts of the Season

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me and santa

Wishing you a renewed sense of wonder



christmas ironing

and hoping you enjoy the fruits of your labor


Keep those you love close

May your days be spent with those you love


holiday excitement

and may those days be merry


the joy of the holiday season

and all that you dreamed 



christmas blessings

especially if all that you dreamed includes your teeth


gifts of christmas past

and may your memories be good


Merry Christmas Doodle drawing


Wishing you and yours joy and peace this holiday season!

Happy Monday!

Coleen Patrick

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  1. Joy and peace to your family, too, Coleen!

    Loved the pics!

  2. Great photos, Coleen! I think I have some very similar stuck in the ol’ photograph albums. Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks, C.J. aka my name buddy! Happy to have you here. :)

  3. So cute! I think my mom has one of me around somewhere that looks a lot like that first one… :)

  4. Loved all the old pictures! My mom has a ton of these from when we were kids. There are a few I would like to burn! :-)

    Hope you have a great Christmas season!
    Phil recently posted..Bah Humbug! I hate these %^$@*&^%@$ Holiday Songs!My Profile

    • I’m thinking the photos you want to burn, might make for a VERY interesting blog post…
      Thanks, Phil!

      • I love the photos, that seems to be a common comment, but I love your idea of the photos being an idea for a blog post! I know many of my Christmas wishes went unfulfilled, but I always had family. Wishing you the best Christmas and Happiest New Years (even after the fact :) )
        clay recently posted..ChristmasMy Profile

  5. Merry Christmas Coleen! I know a lot of kids hoping for teeth this year :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your Christmas photos, Coleen. Those old holiday photos really add a lot to Christmas. Wishing you and yours a joyous season! Cheers!!

    • Thank you, Mary! I’m happy to share. The photos made for a happy nostalgic moment for me. :)

  7. Enjoyed the pictures you shared. You aren’t hard to pick out. Your brother certainly had a lot to contend with three sisters! Have a joyful holiday season with your family, Coleen!

    • Yes, that’s a lot of girl energy, isn’t it? :) Thank you, Patricia!

  8. Well someone is sure a cutie pie. All smiles.

    Fun way to share the spirit of the season.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted..It’s All About The Pink – Or – It Sucks To Be KenMy Profile

    • Thank you, Patricia! Now you see where my need for punctuating with smiley faces may have originated from. :)

  9. That was so sweet! Love the photos!!!!!
    Beth Teliho recently posted..Disorderly Conduct in PortlandMy Profile

  10. Love the pictures. There’s a photo somewhere of me on Santa’s lap, and I am crying hysterically. Santa looked like he’d just about had it! :)

    • I bet that photo induces smiling. Now, anyway. Maybe not so much at the time? :) I saw a kid screaming on Santa’s lap at the mall last week. Rite of passage.

  11. Your pictures always leave us with a feeling of warmth & family, Coleen. And of course, it wasn’t two seconds after opening your blog that I told Inion to grab our photo album. Inion immediately looked at me & said. “Was there any picture of me on Santa’s lap that I wasn’t balling my eyes out.” lol. By the way, love the one of you & your siblings!! Merry Christmas Coleen, & Happy New Years!

    • I love looking at old photos!! Glad you enjoyed. Thank you for your support, ladies!!

  12. I just love old pictures! A blessed Christmas to you, Coleen!
    Ruth Schiffmann recently posted..A Wish and a SongMy Profile

  13. What a gorgeous, smiley kid you were! :) Hope you have a really lovely Christmas and well earned break, Coleen. I’m looking forward to finally reading your book, and pressing the reset button.

    • Thank you, Alarna. Here’s to a happy, healthy, successful reset!!!

  14. Cute! Merry Christmas, Coleen!

  15. I love these photographs, isn’t it cool how instagram and other photo editing software is trying to capture this sort of vintage look.. we had it first:) Wishing you and your loved ones a fantastic holiday and the Happiest of New Years!! xx

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