How to Have a Golden First Kiss (or Pancake)

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The first kiss. So much anticipation, so many possibilities…

Sweet. Romantic. Fun. Flirty.

Awkward. Toothy. Slobbery. Waxy.


wax lips

 Pucker up.

Yes, waxy. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of my first kiss. Not all first kisses are good. In fact, mine was not good it was GOO. As in, Hello, Madame Tussauds.

But on the plus side, that bad kiss was the easiest sign ever that he was not the one for me (good thing, because as Taylor Swift might say, he was trouble when he walked in.)

Anyway, I consider my first kiss like a first pancake.  Sometimes that first pancake doesn’t look like the rest of the batch. For whatever reason, it doesn’t turn out golden.


first pancake

 Not all pancakes turn out the way you want them too.


Luckily, there’s always room for a do-over. Same goes for kissing.

But is it possible to prevent a bad kiss in the first place?

Well, I found LOTS of advice on Ye Old Internet on how to avoid a bad kiss the first pancake syndrome.


Awesome + Awesome = More Awesome

You need great ingredients. Once you have them, mix them with care. The key to combining ingredients is tenderness over toughness.



Make sure you have the proper amount of heat.  According to The Pancake Handbook, “If they dance in a sprightly way for a few seconds, you’re good to go.”

Other experts say the heat level should be so hot that it almost smokes.


Beware of the drool

Moisture level is crucial. It can make or break your pancake. Moisten but then wipe away the excess before your first pancake. You’re aiming for a golden, “greaseless experience.”


Don’t Rush It

Once you’ve got your pancake going, keep the following in mind:

Peek at your own risk.

Resist the impulse to press and flatten.

Moving too much may cause it all to fall apart.



Don’t stress over your first attempt. You get better with practice.

And keep in mind, there are many kinds of pancakes. Lots to choose from. For instance, the French have their own version.

But let’s leave crepes for another day.


i heart kissing

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


What are your thoughts on first kisses? How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What’s your favorite pancake?

For more posts about kissing, be sure to check out the INDIE-KISSING BLOGFEST over at the INDELIBLES!

Coleen Patrick



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  1. This is hilarious. Because it’s true! Great post. :-)

  2. Hi, Coleen! Until today’s post, I didn’t make the connection between pancakes and kisses. Now, it’s all I can think of, especially “resist the impulse to press and flatten.”
    Pat O’Dea Rosen recently posted..What Sundress-Shopping Taught Me about Book ReviewsMy Profile

  3. Brilliant! I love french crepes with chocolate in yum!

  4. LOL! This is AWESOME!!! :D Who knew making pancakes and kissing were so similar? I especially liked press, but don’t flatten… :D

    Sorry about your waxy kiss. :P These are great tips, and that pancake is PERFECT~ <3

    • Aw thanks Leigh. Yes, waxy was bad, but after that all my kisses were golden. lol :)

  5. I love the don’t press or flatten advice. Hahaha!
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for bringing this to the party!

    • Sure Susie. Every great asteroid party needs some pancakes! :)

  6. Hilarious! Thanks for the, um, cooking tips! LOL

  7. I love your pancake analogy. The level of heat, don’t press too much, minimize the moisture… he he he

    • Yeah, the moisture level thing really matters. :) Thanks Margo!

  8. Ha ha! Hilarious. You’re right first grilled cheese sandwiches, first pancakes are never the best. Maybe b/c the griddle hasn’t heated up enough. Who knows? And first kisses are truly usually the worst. But maybe the most exciting.

    • I agree. The anticipation part can be REALLY awesome. Thanks Laura!!

  9. Sweet! I luv pancakes…and kissing. And you’re right, skills are involved with both.

  10. OMG! SO funny! Who would have ever thought of first kisses and pancakes as having anything in common and yet clearly, you have just proven beyond all doubt, that they do! In fact, they are practically the same thing! My first kiss was a complete surprise. Never saw it coming! So where’s the pancake in that?

    • Never saw it coming as in surprise, we’re having pancakes for dinner? :)

  11. My mom used to tell me, boyfriends are like pancakes, you always end up throwing the first few out. She was right too–on both fronts. Swinging by from Susie’s.

    • Boyfriends and pancakes–that sounds about right too. :) Thanks for coming over from the asteroid party!

  12. I remember my first kiss wasn’t as good as the one I’d practiced into my pillow. Still, I remember his name. So, there’s that. LOL

  13. Who knew kisses and pancakes were so similar? LOL! I guess my first kiss wasn’t that memorable, because I don’t remember if it was even good or bad!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..WANA Wednesday: Romance is in the air! And so is ROW80My Profile

    • Sometimes the selective memory can be a good thing. I wish that was the case for me! Thanks Jennette!

  14. This just rocked! Visuals and all. ;)

  15. So funny! This had me laughing all the way through. Those wax lips… ah, I loved them.

    My favorite first kiss was with my husband. A trolley came by right at the moment he decided to kiss me. I literally heard bells and felt the earth move. We’ve laughed about it ever since! And… he still makes my heart swoon, bells ring, and the earth move.

    My favorite pancake is my husband’s chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Yeah, he’s a keeper.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Aren’t the wax lips funny? I had to go to 4 stores before I found that gem.
      I love your trolley kiss story–so sweet!

  16. I guess I got lucky. My first kiss was great. But I was 12 so I guess I wouldn’t have known any better! I met her again when she was 17 and she was drop dead gorgeous – and I think we’d both improved on the kissing thing by then! (I think it’s the eyes that tell you what the pancake’s going to be like, don’t you?)

  17. That was awesome! What a great analogy, Col. Also: Two things that came to mind with the pictures: #1 Where the heck did you find wax lips? What a blast from the past! And #2 Those pancakes look amaze-balls. YUM! ;-)

    • I found them at a specialty candy store. It’s funny, they look different than what I remember. They smell like Bazooka gum too.

  18. My first kiss was awful, but let’s not talk about that. Everything was wrong.

    I love the pancake analogy! The only thing I’d add is that if you don’t cook long enough you’ll have raw goo in the middle, so patience is a virtue with regard to length of cook time.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted..What Haven’t I? Valentine’s EditionMy Profile

    • So, so true. Good things come to those who wait, right? Thanks for sharing Patricia!

  19. This is so funny! Those lips at the beginning, I have no idea where you got that picture but they surely are not real lips??

    Hilarious bits in this – a great VD post :)

    • They are candy wax lips–and a brave volunteer (ie my daughter). Thanks Noeleen!

  20. Love this post and the photos to go with it… wax lips… I remember those.

    Thanks for sharing it on Susie’s blog or I don’t know if I ever would have seen it!

  21. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!
    My first kiss was an embarrassing disaster. (No details.)
    But my first kiss with my now-husband?
    I remember it to this day …
    I remember thinking, “I could kiss this guy for the rest of my life.”
    And I am.
    Very happily so.

    • Aw, that’s very sweet, Beth.
      I feel the same way about my hub too!!

  22. How fabulous! Great analogy. My favorite resource is this video: How to Kiss for the First Time

    • Julie, thanks for the link. That’s a funny, yet informative video! LOL :)

  23. LOL, omg, I chuckled all the way through this – and laughed out loud when I got to the French k— crepes! Hahaha! Such a great pairing, kisses and pancakes! Love this post, Coleen, and it’s so great to meet you, thanks to Susie! :)

    • Thanks Julie! Great to meet you too. Thanks for stopping by!

  24. First kiss from Gramma of course. The first non-family looking for something more Marcia Kelly, cautious slipping into frequent, flavorful, passion inspiring and bittersweet. Pancakes: Hungry Jack Buttermilk with Jimmy Dean sausage links. Spent too much time trying to impress women, bosses at work starting from scratch.

    • Grandma kisses, that’s very sweet, Tom. Thanks for sharing!

  25. So funny and so true!

  26. This is the best foodie inspiration ever! Love it :) Thanks for the Valentine’s smile.

  27. Great analogy – I’ll never look at pancakes the same again!

  28. “Beware of the drool” … perfect! My first kiss was slobbery and unpleasant and I thought he was trying to swallow my face. Blech. I’ll be looking or the crepes post… ;-)

  29. My sense is that the “best approach,” to the extent one exists, is, as you say, not to make a huge deal out of it, and fret over whether we’re using the “top 100 turn-on tips” listed in Cosmo or something like that. Ideally, in my experience, kissing will be just one way of expressing how we feel about each other rather than a technique for moving the relationship forward or a hurdle to be overcome or something like that.

  30. First last kisses are the best, though. ;-) Hello! Susie sent me. Great post! :-)

  31. This was hilarious and just wonderful You are awesome :D
    I haven’t had my first kiss or even a first date so this was very informative (;
    I can’t really say what type of pancake I like best because I’ve only had the “regular” kind without the addition of fruits or anything like that. It must be dripping in syrup but I will make sure it’s not drooling!

    • I’m glad you liked it Adriana! :) Happy to inform, even when it’s all in good fun. And no need to rush things. My mom used to like to say, good things come to those who wait!! ;)

  32. You always come up with the best posts! I love them! My first kiss was super dry. We were so little it was the whole wipe-any-bit-of-moisture-from-your-lips kind of kiss and get it over with. hehehe. Good memories though :)

    • You’re so sweet Leigh! :) Thanks for sharing your good memories too!

  33. Hi Coleen!

    Just dropping by from over at Susie’s party. Great blog and funny post! Who knew kissing and pancakes are so alike? My gal loves my chocolate chip pancakes, matter even better than my kissing!

    Gonna sign up for your email updates! Have a great weekend!
    Phil recently posted..Eff you Cupid! Valentine’s Day Loathing.My Profile

    • Hey Phil! Thanks for coming over from Susie’s party! Chocolate chip pancakes were my fave pick when I was a kid. Yum!

  34. Meant to check this out a few days ago. When I read the title, I thought “another generation.” But, you really turned this one into something else. Very humorous. I’m still laughing at the sugestive language! You’re good!

  35. LOL. I love the comparison of a first kiss and a first pancake. It’s so true and made me giggle. Great little puns throughout. I about fell out of my chair when it got to the part about too much moisture. Those are the worst kisses, er pancakes. ;)

    • Yeah, the moisture thing can be challenging! lol
      Thanks Kourtney!

  36. This post is AWESOME! I especially love the advice on pressure and moisture. I’ve had my fair share of too-wet kisses and they’re the worst. No thank you. You had me chuckling the whole way through. Never would I have thought to compare a kiss to a pancake. Too funny. You are extremely creative.

  37. It started out so nicely, and then came the teeth, and the slobbering, bleuch! Cute post! My first kiss knocked me backward in my chair, and not for good reasons.

    Shannon, Managing Editor at Writing From the Peak
    Pikes Peak Writers recently posted..Quote of the Week & Week to ComeMy Profile

    • LOL! Teeth AND slobbering? Wow. Thanks for sharing your kiss memory Shannon. :)

  38. This was such a fun post, Coleen. I love the comparison, and I never realized before how similar the two are. Should be an interesting experience the next time I make pancakes!

  39. Oops! I didn’t know I was supposed to sign in. That last comment was by 4amWriter. :)

  40. What hilarity! The post opens the door to so many possibilities…..


  41. at the movies – watching “All the President’s Men” – such a romance flick! 8th grade at the town hangout on Friday night. Took all my nerve, wich I could have a take back, though.. but I remember it like it was the other day. As for V-day – flowers and a card and greeting when I come home.. with the kid’s schedules and activities V-day is for the kids. thanks for the chuckle and trip down memory lane!

    • All the President’s Men! That’s funny Clay. Thanks for sharing. :)

  42. That was a bit of a naughty cooking lesson. And I learned to wipe off the grease before making the first pancake.

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