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Random Facts About Coleen ~ Baker’s Dozen Edition!


1. I am the oldest of four siblings and there were times I let that power go to my head.


2. Gluten doesn’t like me all that much, so cookies and pizza have turned into sparkly, shiny things I sometimes can’t look away from.


3. I’ve been known to run errands only to notice later I have toothpaste spatter on my shirt.


4. Fall is my favorite season. I love autumn leaves– and fleece!



5. I think TV is awesome.  Gilmore Girls is a fave, I could live in Stars Hollow.


6. When I pull up to the drive thru at my library I inhale deeply when they slide back the window because I love the smell of books.


7. I think mushrooms are way too chewy to bother eating.


8. I like board games, especially Scrabble and trivia, but have been told I am like Monica from Friends when I play.


9.  When I was eight years old, I thought it would be cool to marry Godzilla.


10. I’ve lived in the same house for the last 18 years, but before that I moved 16 times.


11. I am a wannabe photographer, but my husband always has to remind me to clean the lens.

adopt the pace of nature_opt


12. I probably have a smiley face (and exclamation point!) addiction that’s intervention worthy.


banana smiles_opt

13. I think Instagram and Pinterest are awesome.  Without them I might’ve never discovered the “brookie”.


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